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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2176 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2176

Yes, the Lynch Corporation was developing very well, but the Robinson Corporation was not bad, she does not believe that the divorce was true, and there were people who can protect Freya.

…In the banquet hall, Freya felt a little better after not seeing Linda again.

Her status is unusual, she is also a distinguished guest, and she was naturally taken to the VIP seat in front by the Harrison family.

The entire VIP table was filled with a group of old women and old men. Only Freya, a young woman, was sitting in it, causing the people in the banquet hall to pay attention.

“Who is that woman, she’s pretty, I think she is sitting next to Chairman Cruz, she wouldn’t be Chairman Cruz’s lover.”

Linda immediately said to another woman sitting next to her “It’s not Chairman Cruz’s lover, it is Freya. “

“She is Freya? just a baby her husband derailment that. “

“Yes ah.”

“Oh, it was Freya ah, looking pretty, how so badly.”

“A woman ten million Do not relied on their own married in pregnancy climb, you see, do not like just do not like, have a baby, do not. “

“I heard she gave birth to a daughter.”

“Oh, the girls must Self-love, not being able to get pregnant before marriage, Freya is the best example.”


When the topic reached Freya’s ears, it became very unbearable, as if she was doing it for money, fame and fortune. Shamelessly pregnant with a child and marrying into the Snow family, everyone was using her as a bad example to educate their children.

The most fierce discussion was the woman in the banquet hall, she could’t understand why it is always a woman who embarrass a woman.

And the people who criticized Freya were still from Melbourne, from her hometown.

Freya was extremely disappointed and angry.

Chase heard it too, and was very sorry. After all, it was at the Harrison family banquet, “I’ll help you find out who passed it.”

“Don’t ask.” Freya glanced at Linda. Seeing her triumphant smile, “There was no one else but her.”

Chase helped his head. It is estimated that Chairman Cruz had gone to social gatherings, and let Linda talk nonsense, “I think she has a very comfortable life, I will help you to teach it.”

“No, I want to teach it myself.” Freya said coldly.

Chase looked at her face and shivered.

Chase had heard that Freya and Catherine had trained in martial arts for a period of time. It would be a trivial lesson to teach Linda, but what Chase cared about was Dallas Cruz.

If Chairman Dallas Cruz’s wife is beaten at a banquet, I am afraid Chairman Cruz will lose face and maybe he will be trouble for Freya in future.

After thinking about it, Chase sent a message in the group: [Little Sister Freya met Linda and was bullied. ]

The group originally had Chase, Rodney, Chester, Shaun, Catherine.

Catherine replied in seconds: [??? Dare to bully Freya, Brother Chase don’t you clean up for her yourself? ]

Chase: [I would like to, but sister Freya decided to hands-on, and I worried afterwards Chairman Cruz bothered her. ]

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  1. I enjoy reading this story. But the sentence construction is very bad. Sometimes it is hard to understand. I presumed that the writer is not proficient in english? Or if it is not written in english, must be the content writer is grammarly incompetent. I suggest to please write it in correct grammar. Thanks.

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