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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2169 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2169

“Freya have said so much and thought of what happened after Ryan and she were together, but never told Catherine that she didn’t like Ryan.”

“Catherine thought what Freya would Said: How can Ryan likes me, I am his relative, and I just treat him as a relative without any feelings at all. How do you think I can solve this?”


Freya was stunned. Suddenly her pretty face flushed.

“Okay, everyone has known each other for many years. It was nothing.” Catherine winked at her mischievously, “Ryan is handsome, calm and intelligent, romantic and considerate, and even the least of you. It was no surprise that I’m with you. It’s no surprise that my heart beats unconsciously.” “I…don’t you think I’m casual?” Freya asked embarrassedly, biting her lip. Divorced, it didn’t take long for even the child to be born…”

“Stop, what does it have to do with the divorce and having children for a long time?” Catherine raised her hand to stop her, “Besides, Rodney didn’t divorce you. Did you get married within a few days after turning around? Whoever stipulated that a hurt relationship should be terminated must hold on to the past hurt for a long time.”

“Then you… you divorced Shaun. Haven’t you forgotten it?” Freya glanced at Catherine faintly.

“That’s different. You and Rodney got married because of their children at first, but after having children, they finally stabilized. When each other wanted to formally start managing this marriage, Sarah showed up. During your period of time, When you fell in love with Rodney, I didn’t believe it at all. At most, I liked it a little bit. In addition, I was confused by his beauty and wanted to live a good life for Dani.”

Catherine said sharply, “ And if it weren’t for Sarah who cheated on him, you might not hate him that much.”

Freya thought that he was the best friend who had known him for the longest time, and seemed to know himself.

“Catherine, in fact, I can’t figure out why Ryan likes me.”

She looked at the ceiling lamp in the lounge blankly. I have been abandoned time and time again. The reason for these abandonment is that when I was competing with other women, I lost so badly. He might only be curious about me for a short time. He hasn’t gotten it, so it’s fresh. In addition, a man may pursue it in his bones. Something exciting.”

“Freya liked Ryan a little bit. When Catherine made coffee and asked Freya those questions that morning, she noticed it, but didn’t dare. There was no result at all. If Freya took the initiative in the first place. Pursuing Patrick requires five points of effort. If Freya was with Ryan, she would need 10 points of hard work and two hundred points of bravery.”

“Freya was hurt twice, and a marriage was a complete failure. Freya didn’t dare to try again. In case if Freya fall in love with someone wholeheartedly and abandoned again, then what she should do.”

“Freya was afraid.”

“Freya used to think that she would try to start a new relationship in the future, but at least It’s meeting a suitable one, not loving one. At least she can control her heart. She can retreat at any time without being hurt.”

“But if Freya with Ryan, she will definitely be unable to control it, and even by the little bit of liking becomes very loving.”

After Freya finished speaking, her voice was dumb, and she sucked her nose vigorously for fear of tears.

These words, Freya only dared to say to Catherine. It’s all her heartfelt voice.

Catherine understood, and a bit of distress overflowed from the bottom of her eyes.

After all, Freya was hurt too deeply by Patrick and Rodney and lost confidence.

She was thinking, how could her good girlfriend be ruined like this.

This damn Rodney time, she will definitely not make him feel better.