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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2166 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2166

Ryan asked.

Freya glared at him fiercely, “Ryan, you are so scheming.”

“I gave you the most scheming in my life,” Ryan smiled bitterly, “Freya, think about it.

For Freya, the whole world thought that Ryan liked Women, he didn’t have any image anymore.”


Freya muttered, and was suddenly confessed by someone who had never expected.

Freya was completely at a loss and didn’t even know what to do. Yes, “No matter how good you say it is useless, we simply can’t…”

“How impossible, you are divorced, we have no blood relationship,” Ryan persuaded her stubbornly.

“Then I don’t like you…” Freya only thought it was ridiculous, and couldn’t agree at all.

“You don’t like me?” Ryan was not sad but smiled, “Freya, ask your own heart, do you really like me?”

“Freya really didn’t…”

“Well, let me ask you.

“Ryan with finger against her lips, then let her go on.”

Freya became angry, “You are jealous, and I don’t like you, how can I be jealous?”

“I have been nice to Selena recently . I often go out for dinner with her. Do you feel unhappy… . “

“no, no. “

Freya can not hear him go, she would go crazy.

Ryan looked at her with excitement, a pair of clear eyes overflowing with pampering and tolerance, “Freya, in fact, I have nothing to do with Selena, and we have no relationship. I have been close to her these days. It’s to deal with my parents. The second is to make you aware of your feelings for me. Selena doesn’t like me either. We’ve known each other for many years, but in fact we often keep in touch in private. Selena has a boyfriend who has talked with me for many years. It’s just that her parents are not very supportive either.”

Freya was surprised.

It turns out that Ryan and Selena are nothing any other relationship.

Somehow, the stone that had been pressing in her heart recently seemed to have been removed, and Freya’s mood became less irritable.

“Ryan, you liar…”

Freya glared at Ryan with watery eyes, “but Your Dad and Mom were decorating your new house.”

“It’s impossible for Ryan and Selena to have a new house. Later, we will make it clear to parents that as for the new house decorated by the prime ministerial Palace, I hope you can live in…”

Ryan kissed Freya’s lips domineeringly after she said it.

Freya blushed and quickly pushed him away, “It won’t be mine. I was divorced and had children, Ryan. Please stop thinking of you. You will meet better girl in the future. That girl can take your career to the next level.”