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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2165 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2165

What did Ryan just say.

Ryan liked Freya?

How could this happen, did Freya get it wrong.

But if it is an illusion, why was Ryan’s kiss so hot and deep, as if to melt Freya.

Freya panicked, and she pushed him with trembling hands, “Ryan, stop kidding, it’s not April Fool’s Day.”

“I’m not kidding.”

Ryan’s thin lips pressed against Freya, and Freya was short of breath.

Ryan said to Freya, ” Freya, I once told you that there is a person in my heart who I can’t like. He has never been a man. I have no interest in that person at all. I love you and I want you from beginning to end. You think why I treat you so well? Seeing you betrayed by Rodney, I am more angry than anyone else. Seeing you cry, I want you to smile more happily than anyone else. Seeing you kick and hurt by Rodney, I can’t wait to kill him. During the time I spent with you, I can’t wait to give you the best in the world.”

“No, no…, this is not Really.”

The more Freya listened, the more panicked.”

“That was all on purpose. I want my parents to think I like men. , I want you to think that I like men, so that you can lower your guard against me, I can be more comfortable with you, and at the same time, my family will be more likely to accept you and me. After all, I am with you. It’s better than me being with a man.”

Ryan held up Freya’s small face.” Freya, look at me, I’ll say it again, I love you……..”

“No, don’t say any more.”

Freya pushed Ryan crazily like a little beast, and even anxious tears came out, “We can’t be together at all, Ryan, I am your parents’ goddaughter, your god-sister and your brother’s ex-wife, the whole country knows about this, no one will accept it, your parents will go crazy, and the Snow family will not accept it.”

Ryan let his hand then hit Freya’s shoulder and smiled bitterly, “You said that I know, so I have been silently paving the way behind my back. Now, except for my dad, the Snow family and sister Jessica has the final said. As long as they didn’t have object. My grandpa and the others It’s useless to oppose it. As for my parents, I also have my own arrangements that will not embarrass. Freya, you believe me, I sincerely want to be with you… “

What you think is too simple?” Freya shook her head and couldn’t wait to interrupt Ryan.

“Freya, you think complicated things are always simple in my eyes, don’t they.”

Ryan wiped away the tears on her face with her fingertips. In Ryan’s eyes, the big things were just small things.”

Freya widened her eyes,”So you knew I had committed the crime to Eliza…”

“I knew it a long time ago, because I knew you were a man. No matter what kind of person you hate Sarah, you can’t do anything to kidnap and disfigure. Of course, you can protect yourself, except for your family, but also your good friends who play.”

Ryan said softly: “Freya, my love for you is not a whim. I have long been tempted by you, but at that time you married Rodney and had children. Once Rodney was not good to you, I tried to stimulate him, let him have a sense of crisis, so that he can be better to you. I once blessed you sincerely, but he failed to do it. I met you on the street that day and looked at you crying. I thought about it. In the future, I will give you your happiness. I don’t want to give you to any man.”

“But you said at the time that you only wanted to stimulate him. What you said was fake…”

“If you start with Let you know that I like you, would you be so scared to avoid immediately and reject me, okay?”