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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2162 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2162

[It’s not ordinary people who can sit in the first row, maybe it’s a wealthy daughter.]

[Haha, the little fairy you mentioned is not an ordinary wealthy daughter, she is the prime minister’s goddaughter Freya. ]

[Is that Freya, who was abandoned by the Snow family a few days ago? No way, she is so beautiful. ]

[The beauties are not only beautiful, but also the founder of Freycatheli. All products of Freycatheli are developed by her team. ]

[She is so beautiful and can still do it. Young Master Snow still has to go outside to find a woman. Are her eyes smeared with shit? ]

[She is so temperamental, I think she is very right with our Peyton. ]

[Please, she was divorced. ]

[Upstairs, how good is Peyton? Didn’t you just make a few TV series? Can the status and achievements be compared with Freya, speechless. ]

[Although Freya was divorced, but she is beautiful and talented, I still support her and Peyton. ]

[I also support, I am a Peyton Campbell fan. ]

[Peyton Fan +1]


Looking at the increasingly crooked building, Ryan’s handsome face was as cold as freezing, “Driver, can you drive faster, why haven’t you arrived yet?”

“There Was a traffic jam in front of Ryan.” The uncle who drove was very difficult. Helplessly said, “It seems that some company is hosting an event at the hotel you mentioned tonight. Many celebrities are there, and many little girls are running there. Today I have sent several trips.”

After that, Ryan said again, “Hey, look, there is a blockage ahead.”

Ryan looked at the map, and there was still four kilometers away from there, “You can stop by the road and I’ll start sharing a bicycle.”

After paying, Ryan asked for a shared bicycle on the side of the road and rode it all the way quickly.

It’s just that when Ryan got there, his hands had been frozen by the cold wind, almost unconscious.

Security outside the hotel is very strict, but it is not difficult for Ryan to get in.

After a phone call, the hotel manager personally took him into the banquet hall.

The performance on stage was almost over, and offstage, a group of celebrities and fashionistas were toasting and chatting.

Freya happened to be sitting with Peyton Campbell. After everyone started chatting, Freya also chatted with Peyton Campbell by the way.

“When I was working in a foreign fashion circle, I had some friendship with Cartier’s chief designer…”

“Freya…” A familiar voice suddenly came from behind.

Freya thought she had an illusion, until looking back, Ryan strode towards her.

It doesn’t matter if Ryan came, but the brown flight jacket on his body is completely different from the elegant style of the banquet hall, and it seems to attract a lot of people’s attention like an alien.

Freya was stunned until Ryan walked up to her and showed a gentle and cowardly smile, “Sorry, I’m too late for the banquet tonight.”

Freya: “???”

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