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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2160 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2160

In the next few days, when Freya returned to the prime ministerial Palace, she didn’t meet Ryan but during dinner, Heidi and Nathan talked about Ryan.

“You said that Ryan’s house should be redecorated.” Heidi said happily, “If Selena gets married, she might think that Ryan’s bedroom is too deserted.”

“It’s okay, but there needs to be renovated, where does Ryan live?”

“It’s okay to live in the guest room, or our building, the prime ministerial palace is so big, are you afraid that there is no house to live in.” Heidi smiled, “Freya, didn’t you think?”

“Ah, yes.” Freya lowered her head in response.

“You kid, I haven’t talked very much recently, is it in a bad mood?” Heidi asked with concern.

“I’m thinking about the company’s celebration this year.” Freya squeezed out a smile, “This year, Freycatheli’s sales volume has entered the top three in Australia. Tomorrow night the company will hold a celebration, and there will be more cumbersome things. “

Yes, Freycatheli is getting better now. The last time I went to a banquet, several wives mentioned you. That was full of praise, and I was stunned.” Heidi said with a smile.

Freya nodded in agreement, “By the way Godmother, our company will have annual vacation next week. I plan to take Dani back to Melbourne to celebrate the New Year.”

Heidi thought for a while and nodded, ” Yes. Well, I should accompany my parents more. I will greet you in the old house of the Snow family. When that time comes, I will bring Dani to the old man and their New Year greetings.”

“Thank you godmother.” Freya breathed a sigh of relief.

Although Heidi and Nathan have always treated Freya kindly, she was almost out of breath because of the depression of the recent prime ministerial palace.

Freya wanted to live in a place where Ryan did not stay.

Maybe when I come back again, my mood will be as calm and indifferent as it was when I got divorced.

…The next day, on the grand celebration of the moon’s heart.

As the company’s brand ambassador and shareholder, Eliza attended the company’s celebration as one of a chief guest.

One of the most handsome guy was wearing a burgundy suit. When his handsome face appeared at the dinner party, Freya’s languid eyes suddenly brightened with excitement.

“Ahhhh, isn’t his name Peyton Campbell?” Freya slammed Catherine’s skirt, “you actually invited him, I’m not dreaming.”

“Yes, you are not dreaming.” Catherine hurriedly pulled her skirt back from the folds she pinched, and smiled, “Pay attention to your image, after all, you are a major shareholder of our company.”

“You should know that I like Peyton Campbell and like it for several years. Now, I want to take a photo with him, but…a bit nervous.” Freya is completely excited like a little fan now.

“Go up and say hello if you like, don’t forget, you are the host of the banquet today.”

Eliza took a glass of red wine from the tray, and then raised her glass to Peyton Campbell.

After Peyton saw it, he walked over with a charming smile, “Eliza, long time no see, this must be Miss Freya and Miss Catherine, the founders of Freycatheli, they are not as well-known as meeting. Meeting is better than being famous.”

“Mr. Campbell, too.” Catherine smiled, “I am more handsome than on TV, but I don’t know much about the entertainment industry, knowing that you still like to watch you because of Freya.”

“That’s the case.” Peyton’s smiling eyes fell on Freya, “It’s my honor.”

Freya blushed and said: “I like watching your costume dramas very much, yor are looking so handsome. Can I take a photo with you?”

“It was an honor.”

“I’ll take pictures of you.” Catherine took out her phone and walked aside, enthusiastically taking a photo of the two of them, “Stand closer.”

After the shooting, Catherine picked a few photos taken tonight and sent it to a circle of friends: [Good night]

There are photos of her with Eliza, Freya, and several female stars. Among them, there is a photo of Freya and Peyton Campbell who are very close together and smile very sweetly.

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