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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2159 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2159

Freya feels even more irritable: [Since I am not angry, why is it so slow to answer. ]

Ryan: [ah, I just Selena on the phone. ]


Selena, Selena again.

Freya was almost frowned.

Freya threw the phone angrily, not wanting to talk to him at all.

Ryan sent a Whatsapp message: [Why not reply? ? ? ]

Freya sneered.

She sent a Whatsapp message, and Ryan replied every hour, but Freya didn’t reply, but he immediately ran to ask, why didn’t he think about how long he had been waiting just now.

Freya: [I don’t want to interrupt your chat with Sister Selena. ]

Ryan: [I’m finished talking. ]

Freya: [Oh, no wonder Young Master Snow has finally taken care of me. ]

Ryan: [Why are you weird? ]

Freya: [I can’t stand someone who values ? color and despise friends. ]

Ryan: [You said it wasn’t me, right? ]

Freya: [Haha…, when I was in contact with my blind date, I always gave priority to replying to your text messages,right… and even left the blind date to go to the movie with you on Christmas Day. As for you, if you have a girlfriend, you will completely forget it up me. ]

Ryan: [I have no girlfriend. ]

Freya: [Oh, are brought back to see their parents, and soon it wants and last night, I was not blind, you two sweetly.]

Five minutes later.

Ryan sent a message: [Maybe it will not take long for the formal relationship, Freya, you know that the previous negative news has brought me a lot of influence. My parents forced me to marry, and I also need it. A life partner and Selena is a good girl. If I get married next year, I will definitely devote part of my energy to my wife and babies… ]

Freya stared at such a period of lengthy words of Ryan’s.

Freya understood. Ryan meant that if he gets married next year, he will definitely not send Whatsapp message with himself all the time like before, often go out to eat, watch movies, and even walk with Dani.

Then Freya will be alone again in the future.

It’s nothing to be alone.

Wasn’t Freya prepared for the day when she and Rodney divorced?

But why at this moment think that Ryan will accompany the future wife and children in the future, her heart will be as empty as digging.

Freya still wanted Ryan to accompany herself as before.

But Freya knew it was impossible, just like Forrest was her own brother. Ryan will get married in the future and have his own family. He will spend the most time with his wife and children in the future.

However, Forrest would be happy for her brother if she left her to start a family in the future, but Ryan left herself, she was not happy but was flustered, fearful, unwilling, and reluctant.

What’s wrong with her.

Is she crazy?

After a long time, Freya replied: [Oh, I see. ]

She won’t bother him like she used to.

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  1. Thanks for the updates but if it isn’t too much to ask, could you please send chapters 998-2154? I have been waiting to read the updates since you last post chapter 997. 🙏🙏🙏

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