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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2158 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2158

Catherine smiled bitterly, “Didn’t the prime minister’s wife introduced three high-quality men to you before? Frankly speaking, those few are good, unmarried, good-looking, promising, and good family. In the end, you can’t see any of them. On, you said, where do you want me to find you a better-quality man, maybe someone looks good, but a person may not be reliable, and a good personality may not be good-looking.”

“Am I so picky?” Freya obviously realized this problem.

“You are not picky.” Catherine said frankly, “It’s just that the pearls and jade are in front and the wood is in the back. Do you understand? With the background of Ryan, your vision will improve but you say where I am going.

Find a man like Ryan who is handsome and well-known from a family of gold, handsome, gentle, humorous and romantic, wise and calm, even if I give Shaun to you, you may not be able to admire it.

” ……”

Freya was speechless for a while, and the corners of her mouth twitched, “If Shaun hears what you say, she will definitely be sad.”

“I’m telling the truth.” Catherine held the coffee. Blowed with a smile.

“Okay.” Freya curled her lips, “Your Shaun is too cold, I can’t bear it.”

“Yeah , I can’t stand the cold.” Catherine smiled, “Then tell me where I can find it for you, Yeah.”

“Ryan isn’t that good, either.” Freya bit her lip unwillingly.

“Maybe, but you know the best.” Catherine pushed a cup of coffee over, “Would you like to drink it?”

“If you don’t drink it, life is already bitter enough. I don’t want to even have a bitter mouth.” Freya Frowning and leaving distraught.

Catherine sighed again after she left.

My good sister is probably more bumpy than her in love.


In the office, Freya looked at a bunch of file on the desk for a long time, but didn’t open it.

“Manager Freya,” The secretary’s voice suddenly came from outside the door.

Freya’s eyes suddenly brightened. Every time she quarreled with Ryan in the past, he asked the courier to send the delicious food to apologize. This time it must be the same, “What is delicious?”

Freya stood up quickly.

The secretary was stunned, “Eat it? No, it should be the phone case you bought online last time.”


The light in Freya’s eyes was dimmed.

After the secretary gave her a weird look, she quickly put the things away and left.

Freya was not in the mood to open the package on the table. She took out her mobile phone and actively sent Ryan a Whatsapp: [Still angry? ]

Freya: [I said a bit too much last night, sorry. ]

She, ah, etc., for an hour, before Ryan understatement Re: [It does not matter, I have not angry. ]

So indifferent reply.

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