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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2155 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2155

Freya is not a stingy person, usually when guests come to hug Dani, she will agree to be hugged by others, even her daughter is cute, she is also happy as a mother.

But now, Freya felt that Ryan held her daughter to please other women because he wanted to please other women. Freya didn’t like this very much.

But if Freya refuses at this time, it will make very stiff, and she will also appear to be very petty, so she has no choice and gave Dani into Ryan’s hands.

After Ryan hugged Dani, he immediately moved closer to Selena’s side. The two of them huddled together and looked down at the child. Ryan even made Dani laugh from time to time. After Dani laughed, Selena also smiled happily.

“Ryan, look, Dani still has two dimples when smiles, so cute.”

Freya couldn’t stand the scene anymore.

Freya moved her eyes away and took two sips from the water glass.

Heidi smiled mysteriously to her ear, and said gossiping, “Freya, look at Ryan and Selena, are there any feelings? I rarely see Ryan being so enthusiastic about girls, I think there is hope. “


Facing Heidi’s happy appearance, Freya could only force a smile, “Selena looks good, beautiful and generous.”

“Yes, I think she is pretty good too.” Those who like children, if Ryan have children in the future, Ryan and his child should be a good mother.” Heidi was full of praise.

Ryan’s child…

Freya felt as if he had been pricked by a needle.

If Freya can, she really wants to leave here and skip this meal, but this is the prime ministerial palace, not a place where she can do whatever she wants.

Nathan also came back when the dishes were being served one after another.

Selena was not afraid of Nathan’s identity at all, and even communicated with Nathan openly, making Nathan and Heidi laugh a lot.

Freya noticed that when she was eating vegetables, Ryan often turned the dishes to Selena quietly. Once, Selena gave Ryan a shy look, “Ryan, how do you know that I love you?”

“I have eaten with you a few times and I noticed it.” Ryan gave her a gentle smile, his eyes were indescribably gentle.

Freya looked down. She thought about what Ryan would be like if Selena fell in love. That’s probably it.

At the table in the past, Ryan would often turn around the dishes Freya liked, but now there is another woman behind, he can’t.

Even when Pippi shrimp came up, Ryan helped Selena remove the skin cleanly.

As for herself, she was pierced with blood several times by the sharp thorns on the Pippi shrimp.

But Ryan would never peel her shrimps anymore, she could only wipe it clean with paper silently by herself.

After eating, Ryan invited Selena to visit the place where he lived.

In the night, she saw Ryan and Selena disappear side by side in the front building.

Freya lowered her head and turned back to where she lived.

In the past, I only needed to see my daughter’s smile when I came back, but even if Dani was by her side tonight, she was very annoying. Freya was so annoyed that her chest was like a stone. She was so annoyed that she wanted someone to have a drink. From time to time, Freya looked at the building where Ryan lived.

What are Ryan doing with Selena now?

Alone men and widows will never simply sit under a lamp, read a book, or chat, at least they will pull their hands and kiss their mouths…

Freya stood up and didn’t want to think about it anymore. She was a mother and her duty was to accompany her daughter well. She had to bathe Dani and play with her.

At 9 o’clock in the evening.

When Freya was feeding milk in the living room, she heard the voice of a nanny from the hallway.

“Master, good evening, come to see Dani.”

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