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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2154 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2154

Two days later, after Freya went back from work, she pushed Dani to the door of the restaurant, and heard a burst of sweet laughter inside.

“Dani,You are so cute.”

Heidi smiled from ear to ear.

Freya paused for two seconds.

Heidi saw Freya and waved immediately, “Freya, getting off work, come here.”

Under the bright crystal lamp, Heidi’s Sitting next to Freya was a sweet-looking girl aged 20. Her name is Selena. She looked like the kind of girl who is very pleasing to the elders and has a very cultivated temperament.

“Heidi’s voice is full of joy, “Tonight she deliberately let Selena belt over for dinner.”

“Complicated Sister Freya, hello, meeting for the first time.” Selena showed her a generous and sincere smile, then raised her pink mouth and said mischievously to Ryan who was sitting on the other sofa, “Ryan, how are you sister? Beautiful.”

“Who’s sister?” Ryan glared at Selena as she had been stepped on her back. “She is not the same age as me.”

“It’s fine if Selena is a few months old.” Selena covered her lips.

“Yeah, Ryan is the two years older than Selena

Do you want to call me brother?” Ryan winked, and Selena blushed.

Heidi was very excited when she watched. She was worried about her son’s stubbornness before, but now she finally sees hope, “When we were a kid, our two families had dinner together, every time you saw Ryan and always said something to your brother.

At that time, her name was very sweet. But later she grew up and yelled less.

Every time I chatted with your mom, everyone joked about when they could be an in-laws.”

“Mom, you just said this is the first time someone came here. People are scared away.” Ryan joked.

“I won’t be scared away. My parents often say that Aunty Lynch is a kind and an idol for Australian women to study. Today I came to learn a lot from Aunty Lynch.”

Selena hugged Heidi, Heidi was very happy.

Freya found a place to sit down and listened to them all the time. She suddenly felt a lot of herself, especially when she saw Ryan and Selena talking, and occasionally exchanged eyes and smiled at each other. The ambiguity circulating made her feel blocked.

Selena really wants to bore Ryan.

It turns out that Ryan gets along well with Selena, and Ryan doesn’t even tell that he doesn’t like women.

That being the case, why did Ryan have to try kissing with himself that day.

Just experiment, why do you want to say those weird things, make her think about it, and then turn around and take the blind date back home.

What does Ryan… regard himself as?

“Freya, why are you in a daze after eating?” Heidi suddenly called Freya.

Freya hurriedly hugged Dani and sat on the dining table.

Selena glanced at the Dani in Freya’s hand and said fondly: “Sister, your child is so cute, I really like babies.”

“You like it, I’ll hold it over for you to take a look.” Ryan Said suddenly.

Freya’s body stiffened, and somehow a anger spread from her heart.

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