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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2152 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2152


Forrest smiled, “Is it what I wanted? Jessica, you know better than anyone else. You are too cruel, when you returned to Australia. Jessica, you promised me something and you said you told your family Later.

After a while, Forrest asked Jessica to come up to propose marriage.

But Forrest waited, but it was Jessica’s breakup that she is going to marry another man.

That’s fine, why do you want to change my sister’s medicine, even she was pregnant Later, you threatened her not to have a baby with the Lynch family’s affairs and asked her to marry your rubbish brother.

How did you people in the Snow family hurt and betray Freya? She was held in the palm of the hand by our family since she was a child, all by you. The Snow family is ruined.”

“As long as Jessica have a little conscience in her heart, and she felt a little guilty for Forrest.”

Jessica’s hands under the quilt were firmly squeezed.

A beautiful face was as pale as bitter and painful, “Forrest, I changed your sister’s medicine. This was the worst thing I have done in my life because I have selfishness. I thought about Lynch’s family. After getting involved with the Snow family, I will be able to… see you…”

“It turns out that it is.” Forrest laughed like he heard the most absurd joke in the world.

When Forrest got up, he laughed until his eyes were red.

“Jessica is the one who caused Freya. If he can do it again, his mother hopes that he haven’t seen Forrest in foreign countries at all. Then the Lynch family’s bad luck will be for eight lifetimes.

“After Forrest finished speaking, he put on his underwear and slammed the door and left.

Behind Forrest, Jessica arrogantly raised her chin, but two lines of clear tears slipped from the corners of her eyes.

In her world, you can’t bow your head even if you cry.

Forrest came out of the suite in despair, and burying his head on his knee painfully after getting in the car.

Until the phone rang, Freya called him.

“Brother, have you woken up yet?”

Forrest was full of guilt when he heard Freya’s voice.

As elder brother, Freya and Patrick didn’t manage the affairs well, and he couldn’t help him more with Rodney afterwards.

No matter how good Forrest is in his career, he has not fulfilled his brother’s responsibility at all in terms of family affection.

“Brother, I won’t bother you…it’s a good thing.” Freya suddenly snickered.

Forrest’s chest was blocked, “Did you and Ryan deliberately last night.”

“Brother, you really wronged. Ryan drank too much last night and vomited dirty clothes again.”

Freya can’t send Ryan back.

“Freya was beaten to death and refused to admit it, “Hey, I’m thinking of you and Jessica alone and widow…”

“Freya, you guys don’t make a mess, it’s impossible for me and Jessica.” Forrest interrupted her coldly. “Brother Forrest, all right, don’t hide it. I saw you quarrel with Jessica last time at Snow’s house. Jessica is your first love, right.” Freya said lazily.

After returning to Australia, Jessica and Forrest were all focused At work, there was no news about feelings.

At first Freya thought that she didn’t meet the person who was tempted, but later she realized that Jessica and Forrest have someone in their heart.”

“Freya thought too much, the matter with Jessica. Besides, Freya would forgive the things that Jessica did to his brother, and Forrest didn’t hate Jessica, if it wasn’t for her forcing you to…”

“Brother, I don’t hate Sister Jessica, Apart from Ryan, sister Jessica also helped a lot to get a smooth divorce this time.”

“Jessica was not for you, she was to seize Rodney’s inheritance rights. Jessica is a very rude woman in the city, and she looks at her interests. It’s more important than anything else.”

“Brother Forrest, you haven’t gotten along with the Snow family and you may not know them well.

Freya believe that there was no sister Jessica threatening her at that time, there would be others, even some people.”

Freya sighed lightly, “Just said that Uncle Jason and Aunty Wendy have always treated well on the surface. That’s because sister Jessica dressed up all the black faces. And they only need to show off their white faces, but in fact, Sister Jessica was also instructed by them for some things.”

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