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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2151 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2151

Forrest and Jessica lived in that small apartment.

When Forrest was young and frivolous, he used to play with his alumni a lot, and even went home until midnight drunk. No matter how drunk Forrest was, Jessica would always help Forrest.

Because of her presence, there seems to be a home in a foreign country.

But it was also so real that the pain has been unbearable for so many years.

He hates this woman too much.

After reaching the door of the suite, Forrest pushed Jessica to the wall fiercely, and kissed him like a madman.

The back of Jessica hit the wall with her head, almost fainting in pain, but before Forrest could get over, there was another sharp pain on her lips, and blood spread in the mouths of both Jessica and Forrest.

Jessica was in pain but she seemed to be alive again.

Over the years, Jessica deliberately calculated everything, but didn’t feel satisfied. Instead Jessica looked like a dying old woman.

Now, Jessica can finally control her future. She wanted to live happily for herself.

Jessica stretched out her hand and took the initiative to untie his suit.

Jessica and Forrest fell on the bed embarrassedly.

The night is deep…

…The next day, when Forrest woke up, he had a splitting headache.

Forrest sat up, the bed sheet slipped from his body to his waist, and beside him, a section of his body was half exposed, but that body was covered with dense hickeys. Jessica shrank coldly, the pair was cold on weekdays After opening her eyes, today is full of charming.

The eyes of Forrest and Jessica faced each other for a short time, and both of them woke up in an instant.

Forrest’s stern face was extremely stiff, but what happened last night was projected in his mind like a movie.

Forrest can not wait to hammer dead themselves, but also more and more cold eye color, “I’m one to understand, last night, Miss Jessica is collusion Ryan put me drunk, get me a good bed is not it.”

Sudden wear this top Jessica in the hat turned pale.

Forrest sneered, and the words that came out of her mouth seemed to be poisoned, “Jessica, are you so lonely? Take the initiative to stick to a man. do you want to be shameless?

Oh, I forgot, you marry a sick young man for your rights, you man Dead early, no one will satisfy you.”

“Forrest, let me clean your mouth.”

Jessica’s beautiful eyes trembled. If it weren’t for Forrest, she would have killed people ten thousand times, but it was Forrest, she couldn’t bear to hurt.

“Am I wrong?”

Forrest didn’t have the calmness and only when facing Jessica, he became like a hedgehog with thorns all over his body.

People, a woman sends a drunk man back to the room, what will happen, do you not know in your heart, huh, I don’t care, anyway, the woman who sends the door to the door will not sleep for nothing.”

“Forrest… …, do we have to quarrel to this point.” Jessica felt a twitch in her heart.

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