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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2150 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2150

“Yes, I like it when I kiss you.” Ryan interrupted Freya.

Freya missed a beat and couldn’t look at Ryan anymore, “Really, but Freya think you will like it when you kiss another woman.”

“I don’t know.”

Ryan’s mouth twitched lightly. Pull, “Freya, it would be nice if I knew you from the beginning.”


Freya held his breath.

Is that what she thinks, or is she thinking too much?

“You… don’t talk nonsense, it’s late, let’s go back.”

Freya was bewildered and pressed a start and started the car.

This night, it seems that the development is getting more and more uncontrolled.

“Freya, when I kissed you, I was feeling a little familiar, as if I had kissed before.” Ryan suddenly said, “Did we kiss in the last life?”

Freya’s head buzzed twice, and she didn’t know for a long time. How to answer this question?

Until the car drove a certain distance before speaking again, “Yes, I think you are really drunk.”

“Maybe, I drank a little tonight,” Ryan’s voice became lower and lower. He even closed his eyes.

Freya took a peek at him, and the street lamp outside the window fell on Ryan’s face, his lips curled up, and he looked clean and flawless.

After Freya eyes were fixed on Ryan’s thin lips for a few seconds, Freya stretched out her hand and wiped her lips quietly.

All the traces left by him are on it.

Ryan said: It would be nice if I knew you from the beginning.

Freya would also like to say: It would be great if I knew you in the first place.

It’s just that there are not so many “ifs” in this world. and there is no time machine.

…In the hotel.

Jessica put down the phone, she was not drunk, and looked at Forrest.

Now there are only two people left, and Forrest didn’t speak either, just holding the wine and continuing to pour it into the glass.

Forrest drank the wine in the small cup in one gulp.

“You’re drinking enough, don’t drink anymore.” Jessica reached out for his glass, but before touching it, Forrest grabbed her wrist.

Forrest looked at Jessica coldly, “Chairman Snow, You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Ryan called me just now, saying that he vomited his clothes dirty, and Freya went home first.

Forrest booked a room and asked me to take you up.”

Jessica stood up. Just use of Forrest wrist to help herself.

After Forrest stood up and pushed her away, Forrest couldn’t stand firmly, and staggered back two steps and hit the back screen.

“You’re really drunk.” Jessica looked at him complicatedly, “Don’t be stubborn, you can’t walk steadily even when you are drunk, and now your identity is different from the past, and you have no face when you fall outside.”

Forrest With a cold smile, he leaned on the screen and shook his body.

Jessica walked over and put Forrest’s arm on her neck.

Jessica held the bag in one hand, and walked out with the other hand supporting Forrest’s waist.

The waiter at the door handed them a room card.

After Jessica took it, she walked towards the elevator.

After entering the elevator, the two close together were reflected on the wall.

Forrest suddenly felt that he was getting more drunk, as if he was back when he was studying abroad.

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