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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2149 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2149

“When Ryan first met, he asked for his relatives. Wouldn’t the other party treat as a gangster?

Besides, kissing means that Ryan treat freya as a girlfriend. For the time being, I don’t want to be like this.” Ryan shook his head decisively.

What Ryan put forward is very reasonable, but Freya was inexplicably uncomfortable after hearing this, “Heh, you mean that if you kiss me, I am not a gangster, and I don’t have to be responsible.”

“Ryan just want to try that he is a right person. Women are disgusting, can’t you?” Ryan seemed to have been wronged. In the dim light, every inch of the outline exudes grievances, “You promised me.”


Freya didn’t promise.

Okay, of course. But did not refuse it.

Freya’s whole body was talking about irritability and panic.

“Hey, look over there, who?” Ryan suddenly pointed to Freya’s left side and said in surprise.

Freya thought that Forrest had come down, and immediately looked over nervously, but didn’t see anything.

“No one…” Just as Freya turned her face, a black figure in the co-pilot’s seat suddenly came over.

As she hadn’t reacted yet, Freya’s lips were blocked by the hot lips.

Not long ago, Freya was still wondering what the smell of a bottle of wine would be tonight.

Don’t be curious at all now.

Ryan’s lips and teeth were mixed with a clear smell of wine. After they were stained, a pungent, fixed and spicy taste instantly permeated between his lips and teeth.

Freya subconsciously wanted to push him away, but Ryan pressed up half of Freya’s body, grabbing her right shoulder with one hand, and pressing the back of her head with the other.


Freya’s annoyed voice leaked from the thin lips, because of being kissed all the time, The voice seemed weak.

“Ryan just remember…you promised me Freya, be good and close your eyes.” After Ryan said coaxingly, Freya hurriedly deepened the kiss, not allowing to lose her mind at all.

Freya’s mind was messed up when Ryan was kissed. This was not the first time Ryan had been kissed.

Freya didn’t understand.

Last time Ryan was drunk and unconscious, but this time it was clearly not.

Ryan kissed so impatiently.

Ryan didn’t look like hated women at all.

In the quiet and airtight car, there was no other sound except the ambiguous sound made by the two.

In such an atmosphere, Freya became numb both physically and mentally.

Freya obviously didn’t drink, but she felt a little drunk by smelling the taste in his mouth.

In the past, Freya really hated the smell of some men after drinking liquor and beer, but she didn’t think the smell of Ryan.

Dazed, didn’t know how long it has been kissed.

Ryan left her lips with nostalgia, and then bit Freya’s ear.


Freya trembled slightly. She was fully awake now.

Freya blushed and pushed Ryan away.

When Freya saw Ryan’s deep pupils that could drown, her heart beat fiercely and her whole body shivered,”Ryan, what you were doing just now?”

Didn’t you just try to kiss.

Why was almost out of breath when she kissed, and even her lips were swollen when she kissed.

More than that, Ryan bit Freya ear affectionately. This is something that couples do only.

Freya’s mind was like an explosion. At night like this, it seemed that something was out of control.

“Kiss you.”

Ryan stared at Freya blushing lips.

“Of course I know that you are kissing me.” Freya’s face was about to explode.”

Just kiss me if you want another kiss. Why did you bite my ears? Women’s ears can’t bite me, you know.”

“I know. , But looking at your beautiful little expression just now, I couldn’t hold back.” Ryan told the truth.

Freya hugged her head. If there is a seam, she must go in and forget it, “Okay, congratulations, I have personally experienced that, you don’t dislike women, on the contrary, you should like it very much… ….”

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