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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2144 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2144

In fact, Freya also knows that living in the prime ministerial palace has more advantages, but she feels particularly uncomfortable when she thinks of Ryan’s coldness with her in the morning.

Even wronged.

She was wronged and didn’t want to live with Ryan. And she didn’t want to stay there either, seeing how affectionate Ryan was with his wife after he got married.

“Stop thinking about it.” Forrest comforted, “In fact, prime minister Snow’s family is pretty good. After my land was approved, many people were jealous and obstructed here.

Ryan secretly helped Forrest several times. Otherwise, Forrest can’t move the head office here smoothly.

Forrest only learned about this from others these days, You contact Ryan and we will invite him to dinner tonight.”

Freya was stunned, she didn’t know that Ryan secretly helped Forrest so much behind her back.

“Brother, why didn’t you tell me?”

“What do you know, and I don’t want you to ask the Snow family for help. The more you help, the more you owe favors, but Ryan still knows about the company. Difficulty, maybe Ryan has been paying attention to the Lynch Group’s affairs secretly, and he is very careful.”

Forrest rarely appreciates a person. Since he said so, Freya also understands that Ryan has been a great help. “That is to thank him, but he has been busy dating recently, I don’t know Ryan will be free tonight.”

“Ask, it is his business that he is not free, we get it to our heart.” Forrest said.


After the end, Freya clicked on Ryan’s Whatsapp
, and the chat between the two stopped at the phrase “dating…” last night.

Freya didn’t want to take the initiative to chat with Ryan now, if he still had the same tone in the morning, she would have no face.

And the most annoying thing was Ryan’s attitude in the morning, and Ryan didn’t apologize to himself even after he came.

She was so pissed off.

Forget it, who asked her to help the Lynch family? Anyway, to make it clear, it was her brother who wanted to invite him to dinner, so she couldn’t send him a Whatsapp message.

When they were organizing the language, a Whatsapp message came in the two dialog box: [Still angry]

Haha, it turns out that Freya knew Ryan was angry.

Freya deleted the words written just now, and Ryan sent another Whatsapp message: [You didn’t have anything to eat in the morning. I ordered a snack and it should be coming soon. Remember to check it. ]


It turned out that he knew that he hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast.

Freya: [Don’t think I won’t be angry if you give me some food. I’m not someone who will be bought by a little bit of food]

Ryan: [I know, so I ordered a lot of dim sum. ]

Freya: [? ?]

Behind him, an employee suddenly walked in with several bags, “President Lynch, your boyfriend has brought you something delicious.”

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