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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2141 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2141

“Well.” Nathan didn’t want to stay.

Freya didn’t say a word. She lowered her head and leaned to Ryan’s side and coaxed her daughter with him.

When the Rodney very sad, thin lips unable to control the opening, “Freya, I hear a cough during the day when you are talking on the phone, you keep your distance from the point of Dani, do not infect her.”

Freya was annoyed.

Are you sick? Didn’t you see her wearing a mask, and didn’t even talk to her daughter?

“Don’t pay attention to him.” Even Heidi couldn’t stand it this time. “What qualifications does he have to say Freya? Don’t think I didn’t know that Sarah called him just now. He left immediately after a phone call, and he has a sense of responsibility towards Dani.”

“My mother is still glaring.” Ryan smiled, “But I don’t think his life is so smooth. I didn’t see him just picking up. When I called, did my face look impatient?”

Heidi snorted, “Once some women get married and live a life, they will be totally different from what they imagined. What’s more, that Sarah is quadriplegic and her face is disfigured. Do you think she has a mentality? Can it not change? For a person like her, over time, he will suffer from gains and losses, grumpy, suspicious, and difficult to get along with.”

Freya was taken aback, and remembered that Sarah was in a wheelchair before. Looking like a ghost, I couldn’t help but smile and said, “Godmother, you are so amazing. You know everything.”

Freya have never seen any scheming girl.

Heidi changed her words. Suddenly glared at Ryan and said, “Why did you go last night, and didn’t come back all night, so maybe you went to that person again.” Nathan also said angrily: “Ryan, you have to stay so obsessed. Don’t blame me for interrupting your dog legs cruelly .” As prime minister, his life is also terrible.

During the New Year, I was busy dying, my nephew was juggled by women, and my son only thought about men.

His hair is almost white.

Freya hurriedly said: “No, I had a high fever last night and did not go away. Ryan accompanied me to the hospital and has been taking care of me.”

“That’s good.” Heidi breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I asked you yesterday. How do you say it’s just a small cold, and don’t tell us if you have a fever. The prime ministerial Palace has a special doctor.”

“I’m afraid of infecting Dani and Heidi.” Freya explained.

Nathan nodded, thinking that Freya was very sensible.

New Year’s Eve is approaching, and many politicians need to deal with it, and neither he nor Heidi are eligible to get sick.

“I am also very pleased to see that your brothers and sisters have a good relationship, but your life-long events always make us worry about it. It’s okay to be complicated, mainly Ryan.” Nathan looked at his son coldly, “Wait for you. Come to my study.”

Ryan’s face suddenly collapsed.

…After eating, Freya took Dani and the nanny back.

Freya was a little worried that Ryan would be scolded by Nathan again. After returning to the bedroom, she sent Ryan a message: [Uncle didn’t beat you. ]

Half an hour later, Ryan replied: [Not beaten, but was trained again. ]

Freya relieved, but just mentioned in Snow marriage, but training meal will be the end?

Freya didn’t know another thing from Heidi’s mouth until the next day.

“Freya, please persuade Ryan, this time your godfather introduced a girl to Ryan. The little girl is the daughter of your godfather’s brother for more than 20 years. After that, the places to study abroad are different, and there are fewer contacts. The little girl not only returned from studying in Oxford, but also proficient in the languages of four or five countries.

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