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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2139 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2139

In the prime ministerial Palace.

Rodney had just embraced Dani from the nanny, and the little guy cried soon.

Rodney became irritable all over. When Rodney came in the morning, he cried as soon as he hugged Dani.

Rodney kept nagging with Dani. He was her father, but Dani couldn’t understand it at all.

To her, the breath of Rodney was already strange. Dani didn’t like strangers to hold herself. Although Rodney had been playing with her after waking up in the afternoon and was a little familiar with her, Dani still didn’t want him to hold her.

“Dani, I’m Dad, you do not recognize me.”

I don’t care, anyway, I just cried with my mouth flat and watery eyes looked at the nanny aunty next to me.

The nanny sighed.

Heidi’s heart was drawn by the child’s crying, and she couldn’t help but coldly sarcastically: “If a child forgets his sex, especially if he doesn’t show up for a week, she won’t remember you anymore, let alone You haven’t paid any attention to your child for more than a month.”

Nathan said with a cold face, and felt that Rodney deserved it anyway, and made his own mind.

Rodney’s face was red with sarcasm, “I didn’t mean it, these days there are many company affairs, and Sarah…”

“Yes, you are busy with company affairs, busy taking care of Sarah, I was busy preparing for her wedding, but I didn’t have any time to accompany your daughter.” Nathan scolded coldly.

“Don’t look at Dani’s young age, but she can also tell who cares more about her, the meat that fell from her body, In the end, in your heart, nothing compares to anything.”

Rodney opened his mouth with difficulty, but seeing the little daughter crying in his arms, a deep guilt came to his heart.

“Oh, why Dani crying so hard?” Ryan’s joking voice suddenly came from the door.

Rodney looked up uncomfortably, and saw Ryan and Freya walk in side by side. Freya was wearing a mask on her face, a scarf around her neck and a cup of hot drink in her hand. The two were about the same age. A beautiful figure, not like a brother and sister at all, but more like a pair of men and women full of ambiguous relationships.

Yes, it is full of ambiguity.

It was like this in Rodney’s eyes.

There was a flame of jealousy in his chest.

Freya didn’t even bother to look at him. She was all in the crying Dani, very anxious, but she didn’t dare to hug Dani when she caught a cold fever.

“Dani, my dear baby, why are you crying.” Ryan quickly reached out and hugged her in distress.

Rodney hugged his daughter and avoided.

But when Dani saw Ryan, she kept stretching out her little hand to ask him to hug. After not being hugged, she cried even more sadly.

Rodney felt a trace of depression and anger in his heart.

For what reason, Dani was born to him, but now he would rather let Ryan hold him than himself.

“Brother Rodney, have you been endless, haven’t you seen Dani crying, children can’t cry for too long, they will hurt their throat.” Ryan’s face sank, just stretched out his arms, “You give her to me , I don’t want to grab it, so as not to hurt her.”

“She is my daughter, I can coax it myself.” Rodney snorted coldly.

Freya was angry when she saw his self-righteous face, but she didn’t get angry, and Mr. Nathan was angry, “If you can coax it well, Dani won’t be crying now, you should really care about her so much. In the marriage, I would not go to accompany my wife and children without staying at home, rushing to hang out with wild women outside, the child cries, you don’t feel bad, we feel bad.”

Rodney’s face paled.

Ryan took the opportunity to take Dani from Rodney’s arm.

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  1. Hi. I love the book so much BUT the latest chapters became confusing. There are some sentences that’s kind of hard to understand. I used to read it on Goodnovel and Webfic app. But since I’m tight on budget, I read them on desirenovel since it’s free and I’m actually happy with this website.

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