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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2138 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2138

Ryan opened the door with a smile.

When Ryan left, he turned around and reminded him, “I’ll wait for you to get a good cold.”

After speaking, the door closed again.

Freya rubbed her hair frantically.

She just agreed to kiss Ryan?

How could this be?

Is she crazy?

But does she have to be so nervous.

It’s just a kiss. I’m a divorced woman anyway, and I haven’t experienced, so why did I get this way by a kiss.

Kiss, just a kiss.

Who is afraid of whom?

Freya thought so many in her heart, but couldn’t decide in her mind.

In order to prevent herself from thinking about it, Freya turned on the TV in the living room. When she was about to watch a new TV series, her mobile phone rang suddenly, and it was Rodney’s call.

Frreya didn’t want to answer at all, but considering Dani, she gritted her teeth in the end, “Give you half a minute to talk. If you are scolding me for Sarah, then I can only hang up the phone.”

…I want to see Dani.

“Rodney’s voice was cold, “I haven’t seen Dani for more than a month. I am her father and I have the right to see her.”

“When the prime ministerial palace sees her, I will say hello to my godmother to let you in.” After Freya finished speaking, her throat was itchy. After a few words, she continued, “But you can’t take Dani out.”

“Freya, Dani is my daughter, don’t I have the qualifications to take my children out to play.” Rodney roared.


Freya sneered, “She is so old that she can’t turn her over. The weather is so cold, what can she play, Rodney, if it were not for your parents, I would never let Dani pay back. I recognize you as a father, you are not qualified to know.”

After Freya hung up the phone fiercely, she felt indignant for Dani.

I ignored my daughter for more than a month, and I was embarrassed to run and say I wanted to see Dani.

Fortunately, my daughter is still young and ignorant at all.

However, she also understands that this relationship between herself and the prime ministerial Palace, Dani will grow up in the future, she will know that Rodney is her biological father.

And she insisted on stopping, Rodney will in court, and the judge will let their father and daughter meet twice a month.

Freya didn’t want to make it too much trouble.

At 10 a.m, the nanny called her and said that Rodney had come to the prime ministerial palace to see her daughter. He also sent whatsapp message from time to time to tell her that Rodney would stay in the prime ministerial palace for dinner and stay with her daughter after dinner. When Ryan came to pick her up in the evening, it seemed that Rodney hadn’t left yet.

Freya thought of seeing Rodney when she went back, she felt bored for a while.

“In a bad mood, have a hot drink.” Ryan took a cup of lemon tea and handed it to her.

“Rodney will not stay in the prime ministerial palace for dinner, right?” Freya said boredly.

“If he doesn’t leave, my parents wouldn’t be embarrassed to chase him out.” Ryan shrugged, “Don’t worry, I will definitely not let you be bullied by him.”

Freya listened to Ryan for no reason. She feels a lot of peace of mind. After drinking a hot drink, her throat feels a lot more comfortable, “Couldn’t you buy this for me specially.”

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