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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2137 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2137

Freya’s scalp numb, “I…I don’t know, but do you really want to be with a man? Didn’t you say that you had a dream and dreamed of kissing someone, or A woman, you feel pretty good, you can see…you are not so disgusted with women, why not try more, if it is not straight, I think I will support you, sometimes you can’t just be a human being If you feel it yourself, you have to think about your parents.”

After stumbling over, Freya wanted to bite off her tongue.

God, why did she mention that kiss again.

Is it for fear that Freya can’t remember it?

When Freya was very upset, Ryan’s eyes flashed with a faint smile, “It’s just a feeling in a dream, I also know if it will be good in real life.”

“Ryan, you can find someone to try.” Freya said without even thinking about it.

“Who are you looking for?” Ryan asked seriously.

Freya was stunned for a while, “I…how do I know?, you can try someone who likes you.”

After speaking, Ryan and other women flashed through her mind. The kissing scene suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

“But try to find someone who likes me. Will the other party think that I like her and ask me to associate with her?” Ryan looked embarrassed, “I don’t want to trouble myself for the time being.”

Freya thought so too.

“Or… can I try to kiss you?” Ryan asked tentatively.

“Huh?” Freya was dumbfounded, and realized what Ryan had said.

Freya suddenly raised her head and met his clear eyes, her face flushed , “Ryan,You are crazy.” “Why are you crazy.” Ryan smiled.

“I just want to see if I feel sick and want to vomit.” “If you vomit, I don’t want to lose face.” After Freya blurted out, she stared at him embarrassedly, “Not to mention, I ….”

“Freya is the only opposite s*x who is closest to Ryan and has no blood relationship.” Ryan shrugged innocently. “I think you look good, and I don’t feel disgusted when I touch it. I even like the scent on you very much. Thinking, if I feel disgusted with kissing you, then there is no need to try with other women, and I am a person who is hygienic, looking for those casual women, I will be disgusted.”

After a pause, Ryan asked intricately. “Or do you think I like the same s*x and think I am disgusting.”

After saying that, Ryan laughed at himself.

“Forget it, I also know that I am disgusting. I have seen all the nasty things on the Internet.” Ryan said.

Ryan’s face turned lonely and Freya’s heart ached when he was watching.

“I didn’t think you were disgusting,” Freya anxiously defended, “In my heart you are a very good person…”

“Then let me kiss you, can you?” Staring at her with bright eyes.

Freya’s desire to be crazy is gone, “It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I have a cold, flu, I will infect you.”

“When you get better from the flu, can I try it.” Ryan said unwillingly.


Freya gritted her teeth depressed, “I tell you, I am not a person who kisses people casually. What if I suddenly fall in love with you when you kiss me? Once this person likes someone, he will stalker, so be careful.”

“If you like me and I don’t hate you kissing, then I can consider marrying you reluctantly, but if it doesn’t happen. Feel, don’t force me.” Ryan shrugged helplessly.

“Hehe, I won’t force you, don’t worry, I won’t like you either.”

Freya felt so shameless, she gave him an angry look, “I don’t want you to make it difficult. I didn’t marry my ex-husband.”

“Okay, Then Ryan went to work.”

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