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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2136 | Novel By Shallow South

Freya blushed, and if she was angry, she popped out of her teeth, “You want to get your body temperature, don’t you know how to reach out.”

“I can’t get my hand out, even if it’s free, it won’t be clean.” Ryan smiled and shrugged his shoulders. , “What’s the matter?”


Freya glared at him very embarrassingly.

“What did I do wrong?” Ryan looked innocent.

“…Next time, you can not give me…check your body temperature like that.” Freya struggled for a long time and still stumbling, “…that…that… .. Generally it’s something that couples… only do… It’s too intimate, okay.”

“You mean Rodney helped you get your body temperature like this before?” Ryan picked eyebrow.


“Your ex-boyfriend also visited you like this?”

“…No.” After Freya answered, she was suddenly very depressed.

“Then why do you say that it is something that couples do? You have never had a relationship with your ex-husband.

“Ryan was funny, “I just can’t help it, I’m afraid you think my hands are dirty.”

Freya was silent.

Okay, after talking for a long time, Freya looked quite boring.

“Did you feel better,” Ryan asked as Freya continued to chop the green onions.

“It’s better, but my throat still hurts a bit.” Freya looked at his slender fingers, “Thank you last night, I didn’t vomit on you.”

“No, the doctor said that as long as you don’t get fever, take a break. Go sit and I will cook small wontons for you.” Ryan said softly.


When Ryan said, Freya was really hungry.

Freya turned and walked out.

In less than ten minutes, Ryan brought out two bowls of wontons.

The fragrant soup is sprinkled with a beautiful layer of green onion, which is very appetizing.

“You made it so fast.” Freya sat down, blew it and took a bite. The meat inside was fragrant and slippery. “Is the wonton I bought last night?”

“Forget it, there are no wontons outside .” This is delicious.

Ryan made it by the way when he watched you reduce your fever in the early morning.” Ryan smiled, “You eat first, I’ll go brush your teeth and wash your face.”

Freya looked at his back and then looked at the wontons in the bowl. The little heart of freya is now full of joy.

Ryan was so kind to her, she didn’t know how to describe it.

After breakfast, when she was sitting and resting, Ryan soaked her medicine. “Freya, You can rest at home today. I’m going to work then I will send someone to bring food at noon. What do you want to eat in the evening? I’ll give You do it.”

“No need.”

“I will go back to the prime ministerial palace in the evening. I will let the nanny take Dani to sleep on the first floor. I live upstairs. I really miss Dani. It’s not practical to leave her alone.” Freya said hurriedly.


Ryan pondered for a while, and agreed, “Then Ryan will pick up Freya after finish his work.”

“Will you delay your work?” Freya Hesitant to speak.

“I would leave work at half past five.” Ryan smiled faintly.

“It’s okay to do something to divert attention.”

Upon hearing this, Freya remembered how Ryan was drunk the night before and then remembered the messy kiss.

Freya closed her eyes and ate the medicine and then asked complicatedly: “That…man…is the one you like.”

There was silence for a while.

Ryan looked down at Freya with deep and soft eyes, “Ryan likes Freya very much and he want to be with her. Ryan didn’t think anyone to support freya and him together. Everyone should think it’s ridiculous.”

Somehow, Freya was short of breath with Ryan’s gaze.

Freya didn’t understand, he didn’t use himself as what he liked, so why looked at her with such drowning eyes.

“Will you support me?” Ryan asked lowly.

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