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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2135 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2135

When vomiting in pain, Freya felt a hand gently patted her back.

After vomiting, the whole body began to sweat again, and the whole body was as collapsed.

Freya closed her eyes, heard footsteps busy in the room for a while, then came down, and soon came up again, giving her the anti-fever medicine with her arms around her.

Later Freya fell asleep somehow.

Only when I woke up, it was dawn outside and the heating was on in the house.

Freya sat up slowly, her body was a little weak, but she was much more relaxed and comfortable.

On the chaise longue next to him, Ryan leaned on it and fell asleep, with a thin blanket on her waist and wearing a green pajamas. Freya looked familiar. She thought about it for a long time before remembering that it was worn by Rodney before. .

The sun’s rays penetrated in from behind the thin screen windows and fell on his tired face. He slept very deeply, and his loose hair fell on the tough brows, making his whole face cleaner and handsomer.

Freya was stunned for a long time.

She remembered being guarded by someone after she vomited last night.

The man took her temperature from time to time.

Freya knew it was him.

If Freya had a fever in the past, she would never dare to fall asleep so unscrupulously without the fever, because if the fever did not go away, once the fever was higher, the brain might burn out.

But Freya subconsciously thought that Ryan was there, she was so at ease.

Thinking back carefully, Freya was really embarrassed last night.

After vomiting so much, Freya herself felt quite disgusting, and even the smell in the room must be unpleasant.

But Ryan didn’t mind at all, and he stayed all the night.

Even the vomit in the trash can has been cleaned up.

My brother would not be so gentle and considerate.

In order to avoid waking her, Freya tiptoed open the quilt to get up.

Ryan awakened only when Freya walked to the bathroom and closed the door softly.

Ryan sat up, rubbed his eyebrows, glanced at the light in the bathroom, and quickly understood.

Freya didn’t know that Ryan was awake. After washing, she saw that there was no one on the chaise longue. She put on a thick pajamas and went downstairs to find someone.

In the kitchen, a slender figure is busy.

Freya walked over and saw Ryan cutting green onions.

A warm feeling surged to her heart.

“Why don’t you sleep more?”

“I’m hungry.” Ryan glanced sideways at Freya, then looked his hands, holding a kitchen knife in one hand and green onions in the other.

Ryan paused for two seconds, then bent over and bowed his head abruptly at her.

Freya’s mind flashed through some scenes in certain TV dramas. When Ryan was flustered and at a loss, Ryan’s forehead suddenly touched her forehead.


“It doesn’t seem to have a fever.” The sultry male breathed away, Ryan said.

Freya: “…”

It turns out that Ryan was just checking his body temperature, but Freya thought that ryan was going to kiss or something….

Okay, Freya has no brains to burn out, thinking about something horrible.

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  1. It’s fine if Freya’s story is told, but I also want to know about Cathy and Shaun in their happy moments, they’ve been through so much that I want to read how they’re happy while telling another story with another character, so it’s not so monotonous. Cathy and Shaun suffered a lot so it’s only fair that they are happy now while another story unfolds at the same time, so the drama is maintained but there is also justice and happiness for Shaun and Cathy, the drama would be in other characters but we still know about Cathy and Shaun happy, it would be very consecutive and tiring if only Cathy and Shaun live suffering without being able to be happy for a long time.

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