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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2132 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2132

Ryan walked out carrying her.

In a place like a hospital, it is not uncommon for a man to carry a woman on his back.

Freya lay on Ryan’s back and a cold wind blew over her, and she realized with hindsight how she had caused Ryan to carry it on her back.

Isn’t Ryan too hypocritical? I used to have a fever and weakness, and I didn’t let anyone recite it.

But lying on Ryan’s back, Freya seemed to be emptied and she seemed to have found support and didn’t really want to come down.

Perhaps no matter how old people are, when they are sick, they long for someone to rely on.

Freya mumbled and asked after carrying her on her back in the car: “I’m not tired, am I a little heavy?”

“Is it heavy, didn’t you think.”

Ryan bent over to help her pull on the seat belt.

Freya looked at Ryan’s handsome face and beautiful long eyelashes close at hand. Freya’s heart suddenly became very soft, and for a moment, there was an urge to reach out and hug his neck in her mind. .

When Freya realized this idea, a flash of disbelief flashed in her mind, and then she patted her head lightly.

Is she burnt out?

“Does the head hurt?” Ryan asked softly, staring at her intently.


Ryan’s hand was pressed against her forehead again.

“I see you pat your head, thinking you have a headache.” Ryan explained, “The temperature seems to be higher again.”

“It’s okay, I took anti-fever medicine, it should be better in a while.” Freya shrank her neck Avoid Ryan’s hands.Ryan nodded.

Ryan drove the car to the Brighton Garden, “It’s past six now, are you hungry? Let’s eat something to fill your stomach first.”

“No, I have no appetite, so I want to find a place to lie down.” Freya shook her head.

Ryan didn’t say anything.

After the car parked in the underground parking lot of Brighton Garden, Ryan held her bag in one hand and helped her into the elevator with the other.

After entering the house, Freya went upstairs, took off his coat and pants, and got into the quilt.

Only halfway through her sleep, her upper body was picked up, and she leaned in a familiar embrace.

“Come on, take the medicine.” Ryan hugged her medicine.

Freya drank the medicine from the cup, and her entire face wrinkled.

“You don’t have any sugar in your house, so drink some water to make you suffer.” Ryan fed her two more mouthfuls of water before helping her to lie down.

When Ryan got up, he noticed that she was only wearing a close-fitting beige sweater underneath, and there was a looming white silk edge underneath…

The black pupils deepened.

Ryan quickly turned his eyes away and helped her tuck the quilt.

After the sound of his footsteps went down, Freya fell asleep without consciousness.

When I woke up, I sweated all over my body. Although my body was still weak, my body was not so painful anymore.

She sat up, took a set of pajamas from the coat rack, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Although she doesn’t live here anymore, this is always her home in the capital, with everything she should have in it.

When Freya finished the shower, she suddenly found out that her pajamas were missing, so she came out of the bathroom wearing only a pajama.

When I first walked to the middle of the bedroom, the door outside suddenly opened.

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