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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2129 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2129

Well, she thought it was the men who dated Freya.

But those blind date men are too weak, but Ryan, who is so pervasive, will Freya look at other men in the future?

Although the news yesterday said that Ryan had come out, Catherine didn’t believe it at all.

Think about it carefully. If the Snow family knows that Ryan likes women, they must be anxious. At that time, he would rather find a second-married Freya than to find a woman who has no children for a lifetime.

Tsk tsk, really have a scheming.

Forget it, if her thoughts are true, it means that Ryan didn’t even have a reputation for Freya, so it can be seen that she really likes it.

She is not good at hitting mandarin ducks.

“Then you drink soup, didn’t you complain about your sore throat just now? Drinking some might make your throat more comfortable.”


Freya can’t finish drinking it alone, and she also served Catherine a bowl. .

“This soup has definitely been boiled for a long time,” Catherine said with emotion, “It’s probably not cheap.” Freya nodded, not to mention that the broccoli fried fungus is a very common dish, but this one is exceptionally refreshing, and even the curry is very tasty. It was delicious. She didn’t have much appetite before, so she ate a bowl full of rice.

After eating, Ryan sent a whatsapp message: [Is it delicious?

Freya replied: ?Sure enough, it was given by you, it was delicious, I ate it all. ]

Ryan: [remember to medicine to take, if not better in the afternoon, I’ll take trips to the hospital. ]

Freya: [Don’t be so troublesome.]

Ryan: [Don’t joke about your body, it will be troublesome if you catch a cold to Dani. She is still young and has poor body resistance.]

Freya pouted: [Oh, it’s no wonder that you are so eager to give me medicine, it turned out to be for Dani. ]

Ryan: [Tsk, how come I smell a sour smell, for Dani is it also for you, who doesn’t know that Dani is your baby, if she is sick, you must cry in a hurry, I don’t want to let you cry.]

I don’t want you to cry…

Freya shook her hand, and there was a ripple in her heart.

“It’s finished, go up.”

Catherine on the opposite side suddenly stood up.


Freya absently followed her out of the canteen.

In the afternoon, Freya throat seemed to hurt more and more, and even her head was groggy.

When it finally got off work, a colleague from the laboratory came in and said, “President Lynch, I just saw your boyfriend waiting for you outside.”


Freya Lynch later realized that the people in the laboratory had regarded Ryan as her boyfriend since they met Ryan last time.

Freya happened to be uncomfortable, and she planned to leave work early, so she simply took off her white coat and left the laboratory.

Seeing Freya coming out, Ryan immediately walked up, “Is it better?”

“No, it’s getting more and more uncomfortable, and dizzy.” Freya started complaining without even thinking about it, “I feel like I’m going to have a fever. “As soon as the voice fell, Ryan’s hand touched her forehead.

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