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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2127 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2127

This kiss was when the two couldn’t breathe.

Ryan left her, but his lips were always close to hers. He closed his eyes and smiled, “Is this how it feels to kiss a woman?”

Ryan ambiguous breath enveloped her, his handsome face looked like a child who had eaten candy.

Freya couldn’t speak for a while, she didn’t even dare to look in his eyes.

Nervousness, embarrassment, shyness, and embarrassment are all densely entangled, making her look like a puppet.

There was only one thought in her mind: She and Ryan kissed… kissed… kissed…


After a long time, her nervous teeth stumbling, but before she finished speaking, Ryan’s body suddenly fell on her, drunk and completely unconscious.


Freya stood like a sculpture, leaning against the tree, couldn’t believe it, Ryan fell asleep after kissing?

How does this get him in the car?

“Miss, do you need my help to lift your boyfriend into the car.” Fortunately, the security guard at the door came over.

“He is not my boyfriend.” Freya explained dryly.

But the security guard didn’t say anything, just gave her a meaningful look.

Freya understood everything in an instant, and the security must have seen all of the scene just now.

Well, Freya is now completely explaining

After helping him to the back seat, Ryan fell asleep in the back seat.

Freya drove him back to the prime ministerial Palace. On the road, when she encountered a red street light, she glanced back. The neon light projected from the window and fell on Ryan’s face. After drinking too much, Ryan frowned in pain, her thin lips pressed together tightly.

Freya gaze paused on his lips for a few seconds, and her heart missed a beat. She quickly opened the mirror above her head and took a photo of her lips.

lips not swollen, but very red.

And she also had the smell of wine in her mouth. She didn’t drink tonight, and the smell of wine came from Ryan’s lips.

How much Freya wished she was drunk too, but was not drunk, and even clearly remembered the feeling of entanglement with each other, it was very intense.

Going crazy.

She covered her hot little face.

Can’t think about it anymore, I must forget about tonight.

Freya didn’t notice, the man in the back seat quietly opened his eyes, glanced at her, and the corner of his mouth twitched quietly in the dark.


After arriving at the prime ministerial Palace, Freya asked the security to send the people back to the building where Ryan slept, and then she returned to the bedroom to sleep.

When Freya was sad, she suffered from insomnia again and didn’t fall asleep until 3 a.m.

When Freya woke up the next day, she felt dizzy and throat hurt.

Freya guessed it must have been too thin when she went out in the early morning last night, and she caught a cold breeze outside the bar.

In order to avoid contagion Dani, she gave the baby to the nanny, took some medicine and went to the company.

Freya didn’t even go to the front yard for breakfast. She was afraid that Ryan would be embarrassed. Although she felt that Ryan was so drunk, she probably couldn’t remember what happened last night.

At 9 a.m., when the phone rang, Freya saw three words jumping on the phone screen, and her hand holding the test tube shook, wishing to get into a crack in the floor.

“Ms. Freya, your phone rang.”

A passing intern reminded, “Is it difficult to pick up? Do you need me to help you get your phone?”

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