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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2122 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2122

Ryan didn’t control it. He could only turn his face away, “Get in the car and go home.”

On the way back, Freya opened the necklace, which contained a stars and a small diamond dotted on the small moon, which was extremely bright.

“It’s beautiful.” She admired her, her eyes brightened, “But…it should be quite expensive.”

“It’s not expensive and there are not many diamonds on it,” Ryan didn’t want her to have Too much burden.

It’s really not expensive for a family like them.

But Freya was embarrassed, “You gave me such a good gift, but I didn’t give anything…”

“Did you not give me a scarf last time?” Ryan Said with a smile that didn’t care too much.

“That one is only a hundred Dollars…”

“Then you have to feel embarrassed, I don’t mind if you send a small item.” Ryan is no longer polite, “but it doesn’t need to be like a gift. , If I give you as much, you have to return me the same price, then it’s boring.”

Freya had this idea originally, after listening to Ryan words, she gave up the idea, “Then you want What shall I give?”

Ryan seemed to think about it after driving through a crossroad, “My belt is not very useful. You can give me a new one. Don’t give me a too expensive one. I don’t want to be photographed by someone who wants to say I am corrupt.”

Freya understood in a second, and nodded quickly.

After just nodding, she fell into deep thought again.

Why is it sending a belt?

She had been married, had been in love anyway, and knew that it would be a little ambiguous for a girl to give a man a belt and scarf.

However, Freya saw Ryan’s face full of magnanimity, and she also gave him a scarf some time ago, maybe Ryan really wants to change the belt, Freya thought too much.

After thinking about it, Freya wore the necklace on her neck, and then looked in the mirror again. She felt that her skin was white and looked beautiful.

…The next day.

She wears a necklace to go to work.

After the morning meeting, Catherine glanced at the necklace on Freya’s neck.

“This necklace is very interesting, it matches your name very well, maybe it was given by Kian for dinner last night.”

“No.” Freya curled her lips, “I had a meal last night and felt it was not suitable. I told him this morning, and I will be friends in the future.”

“Why is it not suitable?” Catherine opened a bag curiously. Biscuits, “When you were eating, I sent you a whasapp message. Didn’t you say it was okay.”

“That’s just superficial. Later, when I met Rodney during dinner, he was at the side when Rodney pointed at me and scolded me. I didn’t say a word for me, and Ryan has a friend who works as a teacher at Canberra University. He helped me investigate. He used to have a relationship with students. Many girls at school have a crush on Kian. It is too complicated and there are many temptations around him. “

Freya shook her head,” Kian had a daughter but not a good father.”

“…… “

Well, it turns out that there is Ryan’s influence behind it.

Hey, it’s not easy as expected, an enemy was wiped out in two strikes.

Even Freya believed in what Ryan said.

“Then your necklace…”

“A Christmas gift from Ryan, look good.” Freya touched the necklace on her neck, smiling eyes crooked, “By the way, you were free at noon, I didn’t give Ryan anything for Christmas yesterday. Something, I’m very embarrassed. At noon, accompany me to a nearby shopping mall and buy a belt for Ryan. It’s a gift.”

“Leather?” Catherine’s mouth twitched, and she couldn’t help it, “Freya, are you… …. like Ryan?”

Freya was taken aback, “Don’t talk nonsense, I treat Ryan as a relative.”

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