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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2072

The nurse was startled.

She quickly pressed the bell to call for an emergency.

When Rodney outside heard a few doctors running toward Sarah’s ward, a bad feeling arose in his heart. He went back to the ward in a hurry.

Sarah was lying on the bed, and the doctors were checking her heartbeat. Her face was as pale as a sheet, and there was a puddle of blood on the floor.

“What happened?”

Rodney felt like his head was about to explode. He was already in a bad mood, and the deterioration of Sarah’s condition made him even more flustered.

Sarah was so furious that she could not say a word. She simply glared at Rodney.

The nurse at the side said as she trembled. “She was so angry from finding out about the changes in Snow Corporation’s share allocation that she coughed up blood…”

When the nurse saw that Sarah could not speak because she was too furious, she only told half the truth.

Rodney was extremely infuriated. He glared at the nurse and shouted angrily, “Were you the one who told her? You’re only inserting a needle, but why do you have so much nonsense to say? Why are you even a nurse? Why don’t you become a gossiper?”

The nurse flushed, and her eyes reddened. If it were before, she would not have dared to talk back at Rodney. However, she could not resist retorting, “ She humiliated me first. Her blood vessels were too fine, so I didn’t manage to insert the needle the first time. That was when she used her identity to demand our head nurse to come over. Our head nurse is very busy. Not everyone has to revolve around her alone.”

Rodney kicked a chair in front of him, and the pent- up anger in his chest exploded at that moment. “ Your head nurse had time yesterday and the day before yesterday, but she just had to be busy today. Is it because she saw the news that I’m no longer the successor to Snow Corporation? All of you are snobbish people. Even if I’m not the successor,  I can crush you down with money. One word and I can make all of you lose your jobs.”

With that, the nurse’s body trembled, not due to fear but anger.

She was only a little over 2o years old and had just graduated. Compared to a job, young people would prioritize their pride more.

Seeing that the situation was going out of hand, the emergency doctor scolded her, “Young Master Snow is correct. Quickly apologize to Miss Neeson and get out.”

The doctor hinted at the nurse with his eyes after speaking.

However, Rodney was relentless. “Make her leave. I don’t want to see her in this hospital anymore.”

“Rodney, this is the hospital, not your home.”

Chester walked into the ward elegantly in a white robe and his hands in his pockets. There was also a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his handsome face. “Every employee of the hospital is under a contract. If you’re accusing them of medical malpractice, firing them would be a matter of course. However, from the perspective of employment and labor laws, it’s unreasonable to have our hospital fire a nurse just because of some verbal arguments.”

Rodney sneered. “Chester, you’re just like the outsiders. You think I’m not qualified to be your friend anymore because I’ve lost the right to inherit Snow Corporation, right?”

Chester frowned and observed Rodney for a while. After not meeting him for some time, the corners of his childhood friend’s eyes were filled with hostility and stubbornness.

It made him disappointed. How did Rodney change from the old him to the current him with this behavior?

The old Rodney would not have simply requested to fire someone because of some trivial matters.

“Rodney, I think you’re mistaken. I just heard the news, so I took some time to come up and visit you.” Chester shrugged his shoulders. “How’s Miss Neeson?” The doctor explained, “She just did a medical examination yesterday, so it’s most likely that her anger got to her. The patient must regulate her emotions, relax, and get enough rest.”

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