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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2069

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2069

“Didn’t Snow Corporation already make an announcement?” Upon hearing Rory’s voice, Rodney felt so annoyed that his temples jerked. It seemed that he was on the brink of breaking down.

“What on earth did you do?” Rory raised his voice in disbelief. “You’ve been in charge of the alternative energy company. That bunch of old men actually dared to kick you out, huh?”

“Yeah. My sister has long planted someone by my side. I just found out not long ago.” Rodney forced a smile. “My family deserted me again.”

Rory was completely at a loss for words. “You can get Shaun and Chester to help you. With their competence, they can surely deal with Jessica together.”

“Enough. Stop mentioning the two of them.” Rodney felt something piercing his heart.

He was no fool. When he kicked up a fuss in the Hill family’s manor that day, he had a falling-out with Shaun. As for Chester, he did not quarrel with him,

but there was already conflict between them. When Rodney stayed in the hospital to keep Sarah company before this, Chester did not greet him at all even though he went to the hospital for work every day.

A few days ago, Rodney was disappointed that he was kicked out of Snow Corporation, so he asked Chester out for a drink.

Nevertheless, Chester directly answered him that he was not free.

Rodney knew that his relationship with Chester would never return to how it used to be.

“Do you also… have a conflict  with them?” Rory was dumbfounded and shocked. He did not know what to say about Rodney. “Are you out of your mind? Shaun’s mother-in-law is an oil magnate. Her business is comparable to the Jewell family’s business and Snow Corporation. Do you know how many people out there want to get acquainted with

Shaun’s family? However, they are too haughty to be friends with ordinary people. Having these two friends means you can do whatever you want in Australia,  yet you had a falling-out with them.  

“Quickly apologize to them and ask them to help you…”

Rodney was already on the verge of breaking down. With Rory talking by his ear like a machine gun, Rodney ultimately flew into a rage as he could no longer put up with him. “Enough. Shut your mouth. Is my identity worse than theirs? Why should I be the one apologizing to them? My affairs are none of your business. If you enjoy buttering them up, go ahead.”

Rory lost his temper as well. “Rodney, are you f* cking crazy? What’s your identity? This is funny. Do you know what the rich are discussing in their groups? Everyone knows that you’re not eligible to inherit any of Snow Corporation’s shares. Snow Corporation has long since given up on you, and even your daughter is more powerful than you. Your dad’s shares will be hers in the  future.  The executive council has denied their relationship with you too.

“I called you to share my opinions with you just because of our friendship. But now I see that you deserve this. Useless trash like you failed to take advantage of good resources and ended up messing up everything. What a fool.”

Rodney was so infuriated by Rory’s words that his face reddened. He widened his eyes with rage. “ Haha, Rory, you’re really a realistic person. When I returned to the Snow family back then, you came currying favor with me by calling me ‘Young Master ‘. What an opportunistic dog you are.

“What the f*ck?! Even if I’m an opportunist, I’m more powerful than you.”

Rory sniggered. “You messed around until you’re left with nothing. What an utter fool you are.”

Rodney could not help but roar in a deep voice. “ Other people have the right to criticize me, but you don’t. If you hadn’t brought Sarah to me, would I have ended up in this state?”  

He would not. He would be all lovey-dovey with Freya like how they used to be. He would have a cute yet mischievous daughter, while his parents would have high hopes for him. Even Sarah would not have become disabled.

“Hah. If it weren’t for the fact that you couldn’t get over Sarah, would I have brought her to you? Did I force you to keep her? Did I make you sleep with her? Also, take all her things and move out of my house right now.”

“Rory, I finally see your true colors now. If you ever need my help in the future, don’t look for me.”

“Forget it. Everyone will immediately shun people like you…”

Unable to bring himself to listen to Rory, Rodney hung up straight away.

After hanging up, he flung his phone onto the wall in a fit of fury.

He kicked it hard a few times. Then, he pulled his short hair and sank to his knees.

At the age of 30, he was finally aware of how terrible his friends were.

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