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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2068

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2068

Indeed, the chocolate was so tasty that Freya could not stop eating it. However, if she continued eating it, she would become obese.

She took out her phone sulkily to call Ryan. “Can you not send so many snacks over? I’ve grown fatter in the hospital. Are you trying to make me obese?”

“In that case… I’ll ask someone  to take the chocolate away, ” Ryan said in a low voice, “What a pity. After all, my friend told me one box of chocolate cost 8,000 dollars. Only the royal family in Country B can afford it…”

8,000 dollars…

Freya’s mouth  twitched.  “Hang on. Uh, since you’ve sent it over, you can leave it here. This time, I’ll help you finish it, but you can’t do this again next time.”

“Alright, alright, Madam Lynch.” Ryan flattered her courteously.

Freya blushed. “Why are you calling me Madam Lynch? It makes me sound so old. I’m just a few months older than you.”

“You’re still older than me. It means I’m younger. ”

“Get lost.”

Unable to bring herself to listen to his words, Freya hung up the call straight away.

In the hospital.

Rodney saw Snow Corporation’s announcement from his phone.

At that moment, his head was buzzing.

In the past, Jason had publicly announced that he disowned Rodney. However, it was different this time as it involved shares. Once Jason transferred his shares to someone, he could never get them back.

Even Carson could inherit 30 percent of his shares, yet Rodney had nothing.

Not only was Rodney disqualified from inheriting Snow Corporation but also the shares.

What did this mean?

He buried his head in his knees, feeling dazed.

His phone suddenly rang. He looked at it, and it was a call from Rory.

Looking at his phone, he did not feel like answering the call.

Sarah, who was sitting on the bed, strangely shifted her eyes to him. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you answering the call? Is it… Freya?”

She thought that Freya would not bear to part with a wonderful man like Rodney. Nevertheless, no matter how much Freya did, Rodney would never forgive her.

“… No. It’s Rory. I’ll go out to pick up the call.” Rodney held his phone and walked out.

After walking some distance away from the ward, he answered the call. “What’s the matter?”

“ It’s a serious matter. Young Master Snow, what a friend you are! Why didn’t you tell me about such a serious matter?” Rory said in agitation, “Your dad has decided to hand his company over to your sister. What a major change in Snow Corporation. Could your sister have used some devious means?”

Rory continued, “Be honest with me. Are you disqualified from inheriting the company? Are you even eligible to inherit the shares?”

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