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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2065

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2065

“Dani’s probably… used to having Young Master around. ” Aunty Cally had no choice but to tell the truth, “Recently, it’s Young Master who has been getting Dani to sleep at night.”

In that case, Freya’s daughter was overly attached to Ryan, huh?

As Dani’s mother, Freya found herself in an odd spot to be in.

A few knocks sounded on the bedroom door. Subsequently, Ryan’s voice sounded. “Aunty Cally, I heard Dani crying.”

Aunty Cally turned her gaze to Freya. Only after she saw Freya nodding helplessly did she open the door.

Ryan was wearing a set of white pajamas at the door. He reached out to carry Dani skillfully. After Ryan soothed her for a short while, she stopped crying and smiled sweetly.

Freya was completely at a loss for words. She seriously doubted if her daughter could not resist handsome men just like her.

Aunty Cally sighed. “Ah, Dani likes Young Master, who’s her biological uncle. No wonder it’s different.”

Freya’s mouth twitched. Deep down, she wondered how different it was. Carson was Dani’s biological uncle too, yet she did not like him carrying her.

“You don’t seem to approve of it, huh?” Ryan raised his brows at her.

“That betrayer doesn’t need me as her mom anymore.” Freya sighed with despondency.

“Are you jealous?” Ryan found it amusing. “It’s because you can’t carry her. If you can, I’m sure Dani won’t cry.”

“ Since she has stopped crying, you can pass her to Aunty Cally. You can go back and rest early, ” Freya said.

Ryan nodded. However, the moment he turned around and passed Dani to Aunty Cally, Dani started crying again. He had no choice but to carry Dani and soothe her once more.

The man paced up and down the bedroom with his slender figure.

After standing for a while, Aunty Cally took the milk bottle and clothes downstairs to wash.

The two adults and a baby were left in the room.

While lazily leaning on the pillow, Freya rested her eyes on Ryan’s back. He was almost as tall as Rodney, and their physiques were quite similar. She remembered that Rodney was the one who did such things in the past…

Without her realizing it, it seemed as though a long time had passed…

She zoned out for a moment until Ryan came over while carrying Dani. “Does Dani sleep with you or Aunty Cally?”

“With me, of course. I need to spend more time with her.”

Freya said, “Aunty Cally will sleep on the edge of the bed.”

Rodney nodded. “Should I put her on the left or right?”


Freya would sleep on the right side. However, only after she finished speaking did she notice the small bed on the left. Ryan could not walk over, so he had to…

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