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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2058

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2058

Especially Forrest. He had interacted with Jessica before, so he knew what kind of woman she was.

It was most likely that she took the opportunity and snatched the leadership role in the Snow family while Rodney’s reputation was tarnished.

Forrest’s sharp brows were knitted together into a tight frown. He had no words all of a sudden.

On the other hand, Freya was shocked. “That’s impossible. Isn’t Rodney in charge of the alternative energy project?”

“Don’t worry. There’s a proper solution to handle this matter. Moreover, his rights to Snowden have been stripped too.”

Ryan walked to the bedside. His eyes were warm and gentle as he smiled. “Rodney will never pester you again in the future. He doesn’t have the resources to take the child from you too. He’s probably only left with the paralyzed Sarah, Osher Corporation, and other minor investment companies. He won’t be able to stir up anything else, and the public already knows that the Snow

family has abandoned him. It won’t be easy for him to work in the business world in the future, especially after he quarreled with Shaun and became estranged from Chester.”

Freya was dumbfounded.

Who could tell her what exactly had happened? In just a few days, Rodney had fallen from the clouds.

She could not understand the situation.

However, no matter how stupid Freya was, she knew that Ryan had something to do with all of it.

He even told her to trust him just the day before yesterday.

He had fulfilled every promise that he made to her.

He was always calm and collected, yet he had everything under his control.

Ryan was a mysterious figure to Freya. He was outstanding.

Such an outstanding person was her brother. That kind of feeling… was pretty good.

The feeling of being protected by somebody was pleasant.

“Ryan, thank you.” Freya’s eyes reddened. “Thank you for helping me to keep Dani.”

Thanks to him, she did not have to go to jail either.

“You don’t have to thank me. The Snow family owes you this.” Ryan wanted to pat Freya’s hair, but the Lynch family members were present. He held himself back. “Besides, Rodney’s in the wrong here.”

Mr. Lynch said angrily, “Rodney deserves it. He brought everything upon himself. Okay, since the Snow family has given a proper solution, I won’t make a fuss anymore. But we’ve made up our minds after this incident. We can’t play up to a grand family like the Snow family all the time. After all, we’re from different worlds.”

After pausing for a moment, he turned to his daughter and said, “When you’re discharged, follow us back to Melbourne. Canberra isn’t a good place for you.”

“That’s right. ” Mrs. Lynch nodded too. “I’m more relieved if you’re by my side. I won’t let you stay in Canberra alone anymore. Look at what happened in these two years you were here… I’m worried sick. Frankly speaking, I’d rather you weren’t some prime minister’s goddaughter. You just have to be our baby.”

Freya sniffed. She was touched. “Mom, Dad, if I go back to Melbourne with you, what about my company? It has just made some progress. I can’t let the company’s shareholders suffer losses.

Besides, there are so many employees too. I can’t go back.”

“Alright. How much do you owe those shareholders? I’ll give you the money and you can compensate them with that.”

Mr. Lynch said angrily, “After we return to Melbourne, I’ll build a laboratory for you. You can do your research there. You’re a woman. Why do you have to make yourself so tired?”

“That’s right, Freya. The Lynch family has been developing well. We’re not short of money anymore.” Mrs. Lynch advised painstakingly. “ Moreover, we’re old. Our bodies are not as healthy as before…”

Freya felt sad upon hearing her parents’ words. Her heart wavered.

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