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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2049

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2049

Rodney’s expression changed upon hearing Carson’s words.

He did not expect that Carson wanted to replace his position and that General Manager Quinn had betrayed him.

General Manager Quinn was Rodney’s most trusted subordinate. Therefore, he had transferred General Manager Quinn to the alternative energy company to be his employee.

Rodney glanced at the people in the meeting room.

He saw that Jason was quite shocked, but the other directors did not seem surprised.

At that moment, he understood everything. It was a trap.

Rodney looked around, and his gaze finally focused on Carson, who did not dare to look at him. Then, he looked at Jessica, who was sitting calmly beside Jason.

One of them was his biological brother, while the other was his biological sister.

A wave of coldness gradually crept within him.

After a moment, Rodney laughed coldly. “It seems like everyone has come prepared. But don’t you think that all of you are exaggerating things?

You’re saying that I’m having an affair, but how many people here have one or even two mistresses by their sides? How are you all better than me? Let’s do it this way. Why don’t all of you post photos of your mistresses for everyone to see? I’m not the only one who has a mistress in Snow Corporation. All of you are the same. Maybe my actions will even pale in comparison to the things that you all have done.”

“Rodney, what do you mean by that? Are you threatening us?” One of the directors slapped the table and stood up.

“I’m not threatening you guys. ” Rodney shrugged his shoulders. “I’m just thinking of a way to clear my name because my reputation is in shambles now. It’s called… diverting attention.”

“Director Snow, do something about your son.” Director Sands was furious.

Jason pinched the middle of his brows. He did not expect that things would escalate like this.

He did not want to reprimand his son, but he knew that it was the only way Rodney would not be dismissed.

Therefore, he acted like he was scolding Rodney. “If you dare do that, I won’t acknowledge you as my son.”

“Dad, it’s not the first time you’re refusing to acknowledge me as your son. You even kicked me out of the family last time. ” Rodney was smiling.

Jason slammed the table and looked at the directors apologetically.

Jessica glanced at Jason, who was trying to mediate the situation. Then, she looked at Rodney, who was sneering.

She closed the laptop in front of her and stood up slowly. “Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize on behalf of my brother’s actions. I can assure you that your private matters will never be leaked.”

“Eldest Young Lady Snow, since you said so, we’ll believe you.”

The directors nodded as they looked at Jessica. They got even angrier at Rodney now. “ Director Snow, does your son think that we can’t have any private secrets at all? We’re all doing business here and working for the benefit of the  company. However, your son threatened us. We won’t tolerate the things he has done nor let him continue to stay in the company.”

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