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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2047

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2047

Rodney’s expression changed all of a sudden. He leaped to his feet and said, “Sarah, something urgent came up, and I need to go to the office. If there’s anything, you can let the carer know.”

“Rodney, is it because… something happened to the company?” Sarah sized up his expression nervously.

“I’ll handle it well. Don’t worry. ” After consoling Sarah, he walked some distance away from the ward before he took out his phone.

Today’s top searches were [The Successor of Snow Corporation Has an Affair] and [The Prime Minister’s Goddaughter Is Having a Marital Breakdown].

He clicked the searches, only to see photos of him being posted by many online media. Those were photos of him entering Sarah’s apartment in the middle of  the night  as well as photos of him carrying  Sarah to the hospital in a rush the day when she was burned by the hot coffee after she  met Freya. There were even records of Sarah’s miscarriage…

One of the unknown Facebook users posted a long message online. [According to an insider, Rodney’s ex-lover returned shortly after Freya gave birth to the child. Rodney and his ex-lover soon got together, but the Snow family objected to it. He kept his other woman in an apartment where she ate and drank well. He even hired a housekeeper to take care of her. I heard Eldest Young Miss Lynch has already moved into The Lodge and been living separately with her husband.]

The netizens had always hated homewreckers the most.

This was made worse by the fact that Freya was the prime minister’s goddaughter because Nathan had been well-liked by the citizens since his appointment as the prime minister.

After the incident was exposed, nearly all the netizens lashed out at Rodney.

[That’s shameless. Recently, I saw a photo of Rodney, Freya, and their child during their child’s party. He actually had an affair when the child isn’t even three months old. What’s worse, his other woman had gotten pregnant. He’s really scummy. Go and die, scummy Rodney.]

[Can I still believe in love? Earlier, they said they were going to organize a grand wedding. Freya was happily preparing it, yet her husband keeps a mistress. If it were me, I would’ve taken a knife to chop the shameless couple.]

[I’m a woman as well. Shortly after I gave birth to my child, my husband cheated on me, so I can understand Freya’s feelings. Rodney and that b*tch will be cursed with a horrible death.]

Those messages made Rodney’s expression turn grave. Today was the last day for Freya to make a choice. Now that this kind of issue arose, he was sure that it had to do with her.

He dialed Freya’s number furiously. “Do you think that I’ll give in after you exposed it? Freya, you’ve crossed my limits. I gave you a chance, yet you didn’t treasure it. Don’t blame me for being rude then.”

“Are you out of your mind? It wasn’t me who exposed it.” Freya had just seen it. Receiving a lot of sympathy from the public did not make her feel better either.

“You were insulted by Thomas back then, and you also kidnapped Sarah. If I simply make an issue out of these incidents, the public will think that it serves you right that no man wants you.” Rodney’s words were even more vicious.

Freya was frustrated to the core. “Rodney, I can’t find anyone in this world who’s uglier than such an ex-husband like you.”

She slammed the phone and hung up.

When Rodney was about to get a PR to uncover the incidents, he suddenly received a call from Jason. “ Come back to the office right away. 8o percent of the Snow Corporation directors want you to be dismissed from your position. The general meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. You explain yourself to the directors.”

Rodney was dumbfounded. He knew that the more urgent the meeting was, the more shocking it would be.

It seemed that Ryan was supporting Freya behind her.

He wanted to see what a big fuss Ryan, who engaged in politics and meddled in the affairs of Snow Corporation, could kick up.

On his way there, he called Carson, but Carson did not answer his call.

Rodney frowned.

By the time he arrived at the office, the general meeting was about to begin.

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  1. A good story. Sarah needs to be caught ,cos sometimes reading about her crafting going unseen becomes frustrating. Also more chapters needs to be dropped

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