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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2045

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2045

Jessica had long since been of considerable standing.

She had respected her elders since young. She also obeyed her parents and grandfather. All she needed was some force to push her.

The force was Forrest, Sarah, and Rodney.

Other people might not understand, but Ryan knew full well that Jason’s most capable child was Jessica and not Rodney.

There was nothing Ryan could do other than sigh.

It was not his intention to come to this point with Rodney either.

However, for the sake of Freya… He did not want to see her live miserably for the rest of her life.

As he cared about her, he wanted to protect her and make sure she lived happily.

Two days later, Rodney contacted Freya again.

This time, she told him to meet her at the registry office straight away.

She was not supposed to leave the hospital at first, but after she applied for a day off, Catherine took her there in a wheelchair.

When Freya arrived, Rodney had spent a while waiting at the entrance. He was wearing a cashmere coat,  a pair  of  blue  jeans,  and khaki Martin boots.

He was as good-looking as ever. Quite a number of women who walked in and out of the registry office even secretly turned their heads to glance at him.

Freya used to find him good-looking too.

When he confessed to her, she was secretly pleased that such a good-looking man fell for her.

Nevertheless, things had changed.

When Freya saw him again, she thought that if she had a knife in her hand, she might lose her temper and stab him without hesitation.

Rodney saw Catherine get out of the car first. Then, she opened the trunk to take out the wheelchair for Freya to sit in.

He frowned and strode over. When he wanted to help out, a bodyguard beat him to it and carried Freya to the wheelchair.

Rodney’s hand froze in the air. He then slowly put them down.

Freya lifted her indifferent gaze. “Let’s go and sign the papers.”

“Have you signed the papers I gave you?” Rodney pursed his thin lips and asked, “Have you agreed to give up on Dani?”

“I agree to divorce you without getting anything, but I won’ t give up Dani’s custody. ” Freya shook her head. “Let’s go through the divorce procedures.”

Rodney furrowed her brows in distress. “I thought you’ve come around to it since you told me to meet you here. If you don’t give me Dani’s custody, I won’t divorce you.”

Freya raised her head calmly and spread her hands out. “Sure. It’s okay if you don’t want to get a divorce. Anyway, I don’t need to compensate any man, nor do I plan on remarrying. I don’t mind dragging it for a few more years, but are you sure Sarah can endure such a long wait again?”

Rodney’s temples jerked. Of course, Sarah could not endure it. When she learned that he was going to go through the divorce procedures, she was extremely delighted.

“We can take our time to go to court regarding the child’s custody.” Freya snorted. “Or if you want to threaten me with the incident of me kidnapping Sarah, go ahead. You can call the police to destroy my reputation and have me arrested. But as long as I’m not in jail yet, I won’t let go of Dani.”

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