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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2040

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2040

After looking at the divorce papers, Catherine felt sorry for her best friend.

Freya slept with Rodney and gave birth to his daughter, yet she would not be getting any alimony at all.

Although she could not care less about his money, it was really cruel of Rodney to go this far, considering how wealthy he was.

Freya saw it too.

She wondered how blind she previously was to see the good in Rodney.

It was rare for any woman to leave a marriage with nothing, even if she divorced the poorest person. What was more, this was a man who cheated on his wife and had an illegitimate child…

Rodney was too cruel and heartless. No one would ever be crueler than him.

“Rodney, you’re the one who has wronged Freya. What gives you the right to divorce her without giving her anything? ” Unable to put up with him anymore, Catherine lifted her furious gaze. “Have you no shame?”

“What gives? Are you asking for money?” At that moment, there was a grim smile in Rodney’s eyes. “ Freya, my parents have been paying you since Dani was born. Moreover, Dani’s shares are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. How lucky of you to be her mom? With a daughter like that, you’re set for life.”

“Your parents gave the shares to their granddaughter. What does it have to do with you?” Freya could not move. However, Catherine could not help but grab the document and hurl it at Rodney’s face.

“I’m asking you. Apart from hurting her, what else have you given her ever since you both got married?

“If  it weren’t for me, would she have gotten to know Ryan, to stay in The Lodge, and become the prime minister’s goddaughter? She should be content. ” Rodney’s mocking tone was like a knife that pierced  into Freya’s heart and made her bleed.

Freya closed her eyes. This was not what Rodney said back then.

Sure enough, a woman should not believe a man’s

words when he wants to sleep with her. However, Freya believed him. She did…

Catherine was exasperated. “Do you think Freya’s interested in these things? She has never cared about power or status. She’s rich, and her parents have pampered her since she was young. If she hadn’t met you, she would’ve gotten a well- matched marriage and lived a happy life. But because of you, she had premarital pregnancy.

What was more, she was so angry with you that the

child was born prematurely. It’s f*cking ridiculous that you think her suffering is the advantage she gained from you. Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror?”

“Catherine, this affair is between Freya and me. It’s not your place to meddle in it, ” Rodney said coldly.

“What’s wrong with me meddling in it? Do you think I don’t have the guts to punch you just because Shaun isn’t around?”

Catherine was trembling all over. Even an outsider like her was put out by Rodney’s behavior, let alone Freya…

“Forget it, Cathy…”

Freya suddenly called out to stop Catherine. Her voice was soft, but it sounded fed up and sad. “I don’t mind having nothing as long as I can divorce him. Being at a disadvantage is inevitable. As my mom said, disadvantages are blessings.”

Rodney fixed his eyes on her pale, pretty face and added impassively, “Also, Dani’s custody belongs to me.”

Freya’s hands shook. “ If you take Dani’s custody, does that mean Sarah will be her stepmom?”

“You owe Sarah, don’t you?” Rodney said furiously, “ She’s in such a miserable state because of you. ”

Freya took a deep breath. “Are you referring to her miscarriage and that she can no longer get pregnant?”

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