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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2035

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2035

Freya just woke up from her nap. Since she could not move, she watched television with Catherine.

The minute she saw Eliza come in, she was both surprised and pleased. “Eliza, it’s good to know that you’re fine.”

Staring at the bandage in front of Freya’s chest, a mix of feelings welled up in Eliza. “Chester said that your rib is broken…”

“It’s no big deal. The doctor said I’ll be fine after a while. ” Freya said with a grin, “Cathy and I were talking about you just now. We’re really thankful that you helped us take revenge against Sarah. I’ve long since hated her.”

Eliza was disconcerted by Freya’s laugh. She turned around, only to meet Catherine’s curious and confused gaze.

“Lizzie, I didn’t know you were friends with Charity. You’ve  never mentioned it.” Catherine bent over to pour a cup of hot coffee for her. “Take a seat. I hope the three of us can have a talk.”

“There’s nothing much to talk about. Well… Charity and I had known each other since we were young and before she stepped into the Neeson family. I knew Aunty Jennifer too.”

Eliza took over the cup and let the coffee warm her cold heart. “After hearing what Freya said the other day, I was pissed. In fact, I acted too impulsively…”

“You’re not an impulsive person.” Catherine’s gaze was calm. She had contemplated the issue and felt that it was unreasonable of Eliza to risk her life to take revenge no matter how good her relationship with Charity was.

What was more, Eliza did not only risk her life but her reputation and status in the entertainment industry that she had been striving for as well.

Furthermore, when Catherine was with Charity back then, she had never heard Charity mention Eliza.

Eliza began to feel distressed. She knew that Catherine was suspecting her, but she could not tell them that her soul belonged to Charity.

“Perhaps you took me for a wonderful person. I had a very loving relationship with Charity, really.”

Eliza bit the bullet and said, “Everyone has their own secrets. All you need to know is that I did that for the sake of Charity and Aunty Jennifer. I just wanted to do something for them. Freya, I’m grateful to you as well. I never thought of dragging you into the mess. I— ”

“Drop it. I think I did it right.”

Freya interrupted Eliza, “When something happened to Charity, Cathy and I were too weak to do anything. We could only watch her being sentenced. I had also promised Aunty Jennifer to put Charity in the clear, but she was dead before she was proven innocent. We felt very guilty. As much as we wanted to take revenge on behalf of Charity’s family, we… weren’t as courageous as you. We’ re very thankful to you. Thank you for doing something we didn’t dare to do.”

“I guess Charity would be very grateful  to you guys if she were still alive.”

Eliza’s eyes reddened slightly, but she smiled. “She surely wouldn’t want you guys to take revenge for her. Perhaps she would hope for you guys to live a good life.”

“Charity surely wouldn’t want you to risk your life and take revenge for her sake too.”

Catherine held Eliza’s hands. “Lizzie, you rarely share your stuff with us. But from your eyes, I can sense a lot of sadness and coldness. We can’t help you with whatever happened in the past, but you have to treasure your life from now on. You only live once. You shouldn’t ruin yourself for anyone. We can slowly take revenge against Sarah. I hope we can find evidence and have her captured. This way, the public will know the evil deeds she has done, and no one will be able to save her.”

“Exactly. If you kill her, you need to sacrifice your life, which is not worth it. We can risk our lives to save someone, but why should we risk death for the sake of a b*tch?”

Aggrieved, Freya began to moan, “Look. Sarah spoiled my marriage, snatched my husband away, and caused my child to lose her dad. Rodney even kicked me and broke my rib for the sake of that woman, yet I’ m still hopeful. I thought to myself that I couldn’t be sad because of Sarah. It’s not worth it. I must live better.”

“You deserve someone better.” Eliza was heartbroken by Freya’s words.

She knew full well how it felt like being trampled by someone she loved. “By the way, how’s the incident with Rodney later?”

“Don’t worry. The Snows are all on my side. Rodney won’t report it to the police. ” Freya forced a smile. ” It’s over. ”

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