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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2011

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2011

Eliza rose to her feet and snapped her fingers. Tristan and a few others walked over shortly after.

“Throw her into that tank.” Eliza raised her chin a little.

Before Sarah could come to her senses, she was lifted and thrown into a huge tank. The tank gave off a suffocating, awful smell, which nearly caused her to go crazy.

She took great pains to stick her head out. Her face and nose were covered in the nauseating dirty water. How disgusting! There were also a lot of worms wriggling inside.

“Does it smell good?” Eliza rested her calm gaze on Sarah. “You enjoy throwing other people’s ashes into the drain, right? Now, you try staying there and tasting the water. How’s it?”

With that, she personally pressed Sarah’s head down. Then, she pulled her hair up and asked softly, “How does it feel?”

“Who… Who the hell are you?” Sarah choked very badly and shivered all over. “Are you here to take revenge on Jennifer’s behalf? You’re Freya, right?”

“As I said, I’m neither of the two people you’re thinking about. Have you ever thought that I might be…  your  sister?”  Eliza said while  smiling vaguely.

Sister… Charity Neeson.

Sarah’s head almost exploded. She looked at Eliza with fear. “Impossible. That’s impossible. Charity is dead.”

“Did you see her dead body with your own eyes? Sarah, don’t panic. As I said, this is just the beginning.”

Eliza laughed.

From the day she became Eliza, she never thought that she would get to laugh so heartily like today.

She admitted that she might have gone astray.

However, she did not mind. From the moment she sank into the sea bed, she was already a devil when she returned.

At this moment, Sarah was really frightened.

She had done so many evil deeds, yet she had never been so frightened.

Although she had experienced the most terrifying thing in the States, she was not as frustrated as she was at this moment.

She even wished that this woman was either Catherine or Freya because they would not be as terrifying as this woman.

In the hospital.

At 3:00 a.m.

The bodyguards at the door felt that the ward was unusually quiet today. Sarah would usually have difficulty sleeping at night  due  to the pain caused by the burns, so they would always hear some

sounds from inside.

Given that the bodyguards were Snowden members, they were particularly careful. A female bodyguard went in and glanced around, only to see that the caretaker was not there. After searching around, she discovered that the caretaker was lying on the bed while Sarah was nowhere to be found.

They instantly informed Rodney about it.

Rodney flew into a rage right away. “What were you guys doing? Didn’t I tell you to be more alert because Shaun might make a move one of these few days? You only realized she’s missing now?!”

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