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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2010

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2010

“Miss Robbins… ” Tristan was at his wit’s end. “If we leave, what will happen to you?”

“Exactly. ” The chauffeur who had been working for Eliza walked over as well. “With Rodney’s competence, he’ll figure things out in less than two days.”

“That’s why I’m asking you guys to leave. ” Eliza shot a look at Sarah. “ Since I’ve decided to do this, I’ve never thought about leaving this place safely. But it doesn’t matter.”

She came back with the intention of taking revenge, did she not?

At first, she thought that it was easy to take revenge since Sarah was currently in a miserable state. However, Rodney’s interference had made a lot of things troublesome.

She had thought of a more comprehensive plan before. Nevertheless, when she got to know from Freya regarding Sarah’s deeds, she did not want to endure it anymore.

Sarah had a beautiful dream.

She dreamed that Rodney married her, and she then became admired by many for being Young Madam Snow. She also dreamed that she often attended banquets where only the wealthiest nobles in the world could join.

Catherine and Freya were like ants in front of her.

Before the dream could continue, she was splashed with cold water and woke up.

With such weather, she felt so cold that she immediately shrieked. The second she opened her eyes, she was dazed to find herself in a dim spot. She thought that she had yet to wake up from her dream.

A woman in black sports attire walked over. The woman was wearing a creepy mask and looked like a ghost in this place.

“Who are you? I must be dreaming. This isn’t real.” Sarah was so frightened that she yelled. Just as she wanted to escape, she realized that her hands and legs were tied up. She was left on the floor. Except for a few lamps on the wall, there was no other source of light.

Unable to believe it, she kept trying to wake up from her dream. She refused to believe that she ended up in this strange place after she woke up when she was sleeping in the hospital earlier.

“Stop struggling. I’m the one who kidnapped you here. You’re not dreaming, ” Eliza said with a fake voice. As such, Sarah could not make out who she was. Her heart sank into an abyss right away.

“Who… Who are you?” After all, Sarah was kidnapped in the States once before and had encountered all kinds of dark incidents back then. She soon pulled herself together. “Are you Freya or Catherine?”

Eliza snorted. “Who do you think I am?”

Sarah said with a shudder,  “You’re Catherine, right? Don’t think that you can treat me this way just because you have Shaun defending you? This is illegal. I know you guys hate me, but you don’t have any evidence. If something happens to me, Rodney won’t let you off.”

After pausing for a moment, she screamed loudly, “

Shaun, are you hiding somewhere here? I admit that I hurt you before, but that’s all in the past. Now that you’ve finally gotten back together with Catherine, why do you want to have a falling-out

with Rodney because of those small matters? It won’t benefit you either. What’s more, I helped you recover your memory. Let bygones be bygones, alright? I beg you guys.”

Her voice echoed in the empty area, which scared Sarah out of her wits.

“Stop screaming. I’m not Freya or Catherine.” Eliza slowly bent down with a creepy mask. “Sarah Neeson, do you know how much energy I wasted just to get you here?”

Sarah kept retreating. She had done too many bad deeds, and this unknown woman gave her the chills.

It took her a lot of effort to make Freya and Rodney go through a divorce. She even had a shot of getting pregnant, but she never expected this incident to happen.

Who on earth was this woman? Sarah nearly went insane.

“Don’t be scared. In fact, your brother has been here too,” Eliza said with a smile, “You’ll like this place. We have ample time to play.”

Sarah shuddered. “Has Thomas provoked you? That’s none of my business. You can look for him. I’ve long since lost touch with him. Please  let me go, okay? I can… I can pay you a lot of money.”

”I don’t want money. I just want you to suffer a living hell.”

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