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Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2004

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2004

“No. ” Sarah’s voice was too soft, so Freya didn’ t manage to record it. Eliza shook her head. “I used to stay in the same courtyard as Aunty Jennifer when I was young. She was very nice. I always went to her place to have meals. Charity was my friend. She died so miserably, and even her family was killed by Sarah…”

Chester somehow felt something clenching his heart. He was so exasperated that he lowered his voice. “So does it mean that you’ll be mine if I kill Sarah?”

Eliza raised her head and looked at him before saying firmly, “ I’m aware of your feelings for me. You won’t pursue me.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself. ” Chester laughed. Despite saying that, he admired her quite a lot.

Those women who approached him back then did not know their position. They always tried to win his heart.

“Sarah has Rodney backing her. Rodney is your good friend, and moreover, his identity is unusual.

A smart person like you won’t have a falling-out with your buddy for the sake of a woman.”

Chester did not deny it. It was true that he was on bad terms with Rodney, which explained why he hardly interacted with him during this period. Even so, he did not wish to have a sour relationship with him. After all, Rodney was different from before.

However, Chester could understand Eliza’s mood. “ Don’t worry. Even if I don’t lend you a hand, Shaun will do something about it.”

“Don’t get me wrong. Actually, I’ve never thought of taking revenge. Indeed, I hate Sarah very much, but even Freya and Catherine can’t do anything to her. I know my limits. I’m just… curious about Sarah.”

Eliza suddenly said, “ It should be okay for me to meet her, right? I wonder what kind of a woman she is, considering how much she has wronged Freya, Catherine, and Charity. I want to see if she’s superhuman or has stunning looks.”

“ She’s not superhuman, nor is she considered to have… stunning looks.”

Chester’s perfectly handsome face moved closer to her, revealing an evil smile. “There’s no issue meeting her since she’s right in this hospital. But if you want my help, you should show your appreciation to me, shouldn’t you?”

His eyes clearly revealed hints of flirting. “ I can tell you where she is, but if you’re going alone, you won’t even be able to approach the door. Rodney cares about her a lot. There are bodyguards outside her ward.”

“B*stard.” Eliza did not conceal her hatred. “No wonder Freya wants to divorce him.”

“I approve of her decision too.” Chester nodded.

Deep down, Eliza teased, ‘What gives you the right to approve of her decision? You’re much more disgusting and wicked than Rodney.’

Nevertheless, she took Chester’s hint but she did not want his kisses anymore. God knew how many times she brushed her teeth after she got home yesterday. “Young Master Jewell, I can’t say that you’re trying to pursue me, nor am I qualified for that. Having said that, even if you’re interested in me, you have to give me some benefits. If you have a kept woman, you’ll need to pay her before sleeping with her.”

“Do you mean that I can kiss you after letting you meet Sarah?” Chester was deep in thought. “Eliza, don’t trick me. I’m not the sort you can afford to trick.”

“You’re too concerned about getting things straight. It’s quite dull to be with you. ” After Eliza finished speaking and stared at him for a while, she took the initiative to kiss him.

While Chester was still pondering over her words, she kissed him of her own accord. He boldly held her head. As he had gained the experience yesterday, it was much smoother today.

He used to have no interest in acts like kissing, which involved lips pressing against each other. Plus, as a doctor, he was knowledgeable and had always found it unhygienic.

However, he started to be swayed.

With the woman’s unique breath and fragrance entering his lungs, Chester kissed her more deeply.

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