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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Senior Employee

In the research area, the researchers had just regained their composure from the fire incident earlier and got back to work.

When they saw two people walking in, they stopped what they were doing in unison.

With a grim expression, Roxanne swept a glance at everyone and asked, “Did anyone come to the research institute yesterday afternoon?”

Coincidentally, the surveillance cameras were down, so Roxanne could only assume that someone had gone over at that time.

As soon as those words fell, everyone exchanged glances with each other silently. Yesterday was a Sunday. It was such a good opportunity to rest at home. So why would anyone come to the research institute without a reason? Besides, she’s asking questions that has something to do with the fire. Even if someone was here, why would they admit it?

Suddenly, Roxanne was exuding a fearsome aura as she threw a cold glance at everyone. “I have no desire to suspect anyone here, nor can I think of a reason why an employee at the research institute would do something like this. However, the truth is that the person responsible for the fire is someone from the inside. Hence, I would like to know who that person is. Please step forward and don’t cause the other employees unnecessary trouble.”

After that, she added coldly, “The fire caused a huge loss to the research institute. When I find out who’s responsible, I’ll have no choice but to press charges. However, if that person is willing to come forward now, I think there’s still room for negotiation.”

Everyone lowered their heads when they saw the look in her eyes.

In an instant, pin-drop silence ensued and the only sound left was of the boiling liquid in the research area.

“Ahem!” Colby suddenly cleared his throat to defuse the tension in the air.

At that precise moment, one of the male employees shuddered.

However, Roxanne didn’t notice it because she had shifted her attention toward Colby.

Colby started slowly, “I’ve been hiding something from you. After hearing what you said, I think I ought to spill it. This is for the sake of that person.”

With that, he raised his head and looked at everyone.

He spoke softly, but everyone could hear him clearly.

The crowd was taken aback when they heard those words. Judging by Colby’s tone, it seems like the person responsible is really someone from the research institute!

Realizing what those words meant, everyone quickly turned toward the person next to them, wondering if it was really an inside job.

Within those few minutes, all the researchers there became on edge.

Seeing that, Roxanne’s heart sank. However, she suppressed her anger and waited for Colby to continue. After this, he’s most probably going to expose the culprit. I’d like to see just who it was that had done something so heinous to the research institute!

Colby cleared his throat once more as if he was giving the culprit the chance to come forward on his own.

He then began, “Yesterday afternoon—”

The moment he started talking, there was a sudden commotion among the employees.

Colby’s voice trailed away to nothing, and everyone turned to look in the direction of the commotion.

“It’s me.” A scrawny man came forward and stood in front of Roxanne with an apologetic expression.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw that.


“How could that be? Why would Jason do such a thing? He has been working for the research institute for almost a decade. He has contributed so much…”

The employees murmured among themselves.

Likewise, Roxanne was in disbelief. Although I haven’t been in the research institute for a long time, I know all of them. The man before me is an experienced employee at the research institute. Besides, he always seemed like an honest man. He doesn’t even look like he’s capable of doing something like this. I can’t think of a reason for his action.

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