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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 4 by desirenovel

King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 4 by desirenovel

A Typical Rossi Family Morning KIARA

The sun shone through the curtains, and I could still feel the after-effects of last night. The ache between my legs was a pleasant reminder of what had happened. Goddess, the man had incredible stamina, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I turned in bed, missing the feel of his arms around me. I turned, touching the other side of the bed, although his scent lingered in the room, his side of the bed was cold. I sat up, glancing towards the bathroom door, brushing my hair back from my face.

‘Alejandro?’ I mind linked.

‘Morning… I hope you slept well.’

‘Perfectly. Why didn’t you wake me up, what about breakfast?’ I asked.

We didn’t bring any omegas along for the cooking so it was just the five of us.

‘You were spent after last night, as much as you love spreading those legs for me, you fucking push your limits.”

I smiled, rolling my eyes. ‘As if you’re not to blame for me wanting you.’

‘Good, because I intend to fuck you like that every fucking day.’

I shook my head.


‘And yeah, about breakfast, kinda not fucking managing.’

‘I’ll be there in twenty.’

I got out of bed, wincing at how sore I felt and made my way to the bathroom. Goddess this man was a beast, but I knew that already. I turned the shower on and leant against the cool tiles, allowing the warm water to wash over me before I quickly soaped my body and washed my hair. Those kiddies wouldn’t wait for long.

Once showered, I pulled on a pair of white shorts and a floral print chiffon blouse before leaving our bedroom and heading downstairs. I could hear Skyla talking to Alejandro about something, and it made me smile. I stopped at the archway that looked into the kitchen area, tilting my head as I watched Alejandro leaning against the counter drinking coffee, whilst Dante buttered some toast.

“Are you making Dante make the breakfast?” I asked, amused.

“No, but I had to since Dad here isn’t able to.” Dante frowned as he took the toast he had just buttered and gave his sisters two slices each.

“It’s called fucking survival skills.” Alejandro replied, smirking as Dante frowned displeased, before he turned his burning gaze on me.

“Oops, one pound, Daddy.” Skyla exclaimed, holding her hand out.

This one was thrifty, she made an agreement with Alejandro that every time she heard him say ‘Fuck or Fucking’ she would ask for a pound, only thing is, it didn’t make Alejandro stop and second, he never carried a pound around…

“This goes for the next fucking five.” Alejandro said, handing her a five-pound note.

“Three pounds left.”

I sighed as I walked over to the counter and kissed both girls on the cheek.

“Good morning, Mama.” Kataleya smiled at me. Her hair was just like mine in colour, with eyes as dark as Alejandro’s whilst Skyla had black hair and green eyes.

“Good morning, my angel.” I replied, ruffling her hair.

“Morning.” Skyla said tucking the note into her pocket carefully.

“Good morning, and thank you Dante for making your sister’s toast. Now, who wants eggs or bacon?” I asked, going over to the fridge after kissing Dante’s forehead.

“Can I have you?” Alejandro said, making my eyes fly open in shock.

“Al! Food.”

“What do you mean you want Mama? You’re mated, let her breathe.” Skyla added, dramatically shaking her head as if she wasn’t six but sixteen.

“Eat your damn food.” Alejandro growled, only for her to give him a challenging look before smoothly returning to her toast.

I placed the egg carton on the worktop just as Alejandro’s strong arms wrapped around me, kissing my neck.

“You look fucking fine…”

I smiled, closing my eyes at his touch, goddess…

“Daddy swore again.” Skyla’s voice came, bringing us out of our moment.

“Yeah, I fucking know.” Alejandro growled, kissing my lips before walking over to Skyla and prodding her forehead.

“Ouch, Daddy!”

“Why are girls so loud?” Dante said, taking his bowl of cereal to the counter.

“Not all girls.” Kataleya replied as I cracked two eggs into the sizzling pan. “If you find girls annoying, then why do you like Delsanra?” She giggled.

I looked over my shoulder as Dante’s brow furrowed, pouting. He had so many young pups wanting his attention, yet his infatuation with Delsanra remained.

“I told you to tone that shit down.” Alejandro added disapprovingly.

“I didn’t do anything.” Dante frowned. His eyes seemed to turn a brighter red.

“Guys…” I said, making both father and son turn their attention to me.

“I behaved, Mama.” Dante added coldly, about to get off his seat, ready to walk out.

“Stay. It’s fine, you were ok. Just eat. Let’s not argue this early.” I said giving him a warm smile.

‘Baby don’t bother him, it’s not his fault.’ I added through the mind link.

‘He’s getting older, he can’t continue this shit.’

‘I know, but not today.’ I sighed.

‘Fine.’ Alejandro said, coming over and kissing my lips. I kissed him back, smiling up at him when Skyla gasped.

“Oo, I got an idea. Can I get fifty pence every time Daddy says shit?”

“Fuck, this girl’s greedy as fuck. No, you can’t. ” Alejandro growled.

“But Daddy, you say it a lot!”

“And you said it too, Skyla. We aren’t allowed to.” Kataleya whispered.

“I know, I guess Daddy just gets away with S H I T.” She said, making Alejandro frown at her.

The two were the most similar, and this banter was the norm for a Rossi family breakfast.

“Thank you for our birthday party yesterday, Mama, Daddy.” Kataleya piped in softly when I placed their plates in front of them.

“You are most welcome, darling.” I replied, kissing her forehead from across the counter.

“Any fucking time, princess.” Alejandro added, pouring two glasses of orange juice and walking off to the far counter.

“That’s another pound…” Skyla chimed in.

“It fucking ain’t.” Alejandro replied, bringing over the hot chocolate that he had made for me.

“And another. Daddy, you owe me!”

“Skyla, you have five pounds already.”

“I need more. When I grow up, I’m going to travel the world.”

“You’re fucking six, and you ain’t going anywhere until you’re twenty-five.” Alejandro added, taking a seat next to me.

“I can too.”

“Can fucking not.”

And this is exactly how our mornings went, and you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing.

Once breakfast was over, I washed up and prepared them a lunch hamper, yesterday’s events returning to my mind.

‘Pay the debt by the blood of the beast and yield to the Crimson King.’

Those words screamed in my head but I couldn’t voice them. It involved magic; I was sure of that. I just needed to find a way to relay the message to Alejandro. It gave me an ominous feeling and there was more to it.

“Amore Mio.” I turned when Alejandro walked in, wrapping his arms around me. “I’m taking the pups down by the river.”

“Alejandro, I don’t know. I just… after yesterday, I feel worried.”

“I’m going to be with them. We won’t go far, you get some rest. I’ll make sure we have dinner delivered tonight, alright?”

I looked up at him and nodded, I didn’t feel any unease today, it should be ok.

“Ok, I’ll get a lie-in.” I smiled.

We had decided a few days ago that he would mind the kids for the day, and I could sleep in. I needed it. The last week had been crazy and all I wanted was to get back into bed and get some good rest.

“Promise to behave for your daddy, ok.” My eyes fixed on Skyla as I hugged and kissed Kataleya before meeting the other two. “And don’t go too far.” I added looking at Alejandro.

“We won’t.” He said, pulling me into his arms. “Get some rest.”

“Oh, I will…” I replied, gazing into those gorgeous dark eyes of his. Goddess, he was far too handsome. “I’m going to miss you in bed.”

“Oh yeah? We both know you don’t get much sleep when I’m in bed with you.” His hands squeezed my ass, and I raised an eyebrow.

“True, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I replied softly, locking my arms around his neck and pulling him down to kiss his luscious lips. He pulled me against him, our bodies moulded as one as he kissed me back harder, his lips dominating mine as he plunged his tongue into my mouth, making my core clench.

“Daddy, I’m going to die of old age, you’re making us wait so long!” Skyla’s voice came.

Alejandro growled, tugging away and glaring at his little girl.

“This one’s a fucking nightmare.”

“She’s annoying.” Dante agreed. “All girls are, but can we go now?”

“Patience is a virtue, guys.” I smiled amusedly as they all headed out and I watched them walk down the path.

Kataleya gave me a wave and blew me a kiss before she skipped off. Alejandro turned, giving me one of his sexy smirks before they vanished from view and I shut the door. I guess I’ll text the girls a little and then get some rest.


I awoke suddenly. The sun was still in the sky, albeit lower, and I stretched. Had my phone rang or something? But there was only silence. I reached for it, unlocking it and smiled, seeing Alejandro had sent some pictures. In a few photos Dante was in the river, clearly enjoying himself, and Kataleya was making something out of branches whilst Skyla was throwing rocks into the water.

‘They look so cute, and clearly having fun, did you have lunch?’ I tried to mind link, but it seems he was a little out of range, so I text him instead.

‘All finished, they ate well. Did you get some rest?’ He text back.

‘Yes, I can’t mind link, how far out are you?’

I frowned. I told them not to go too far, but maybe I was just being paranoid.

‘We went towards the waterfall; we will head back in an hour or two.’

‘Perfect, but please be safe Alejandro, I’m still worried… and have fun.’

‘Don’t worry, I had the men do a thorough check.’

I read his message and nodded to myself. Maybe I needed to calm down. I put my phone down and yawned, stretching as I stood up.

Maybe I could have a bubble-

My heart thumped when my gaze fell on the black paper on the bedside drawer. My stomach was twisting as I reached for it before I froze. No, I needed to take a picture of it this time. I grabbed my phone, my heart thumping as I clicked the camera on and looked at the paper, unable to make out the letters. I gingerly reached for it, my camera at the ready. Yet the moment my hand made contact with it, I felt a strong surge of power. My phone slipped from my hand, clattering to the floor, and my eyes were stuck to the paper.

The orange words glowed on the paper, searing like embers.


I dropped the paper as it caught flames and turned to ash. I stepped back, my heart thundering as I grabbed my phone, not caring for the cracked screen, and unlocked it, needing to call Alejandro. But just then, I felt something weigh over me. My vision blurred and then, there was darkness…

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