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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 3 by desirenovel

King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 3 by desirenovel

Cake & Flirting KIARA

“Time to cut the cake!” Mom called, making both Skyla and Kataleya turn in excitement.

I smiled. The kids had just spent the last hour playing games and I think they were ready for some dessert now.

“Oh, I can’t wait!” Skyla exclaimed, skipping over to the cake, pulling her sister along with her. Alejandro picked both up, making them giggle when he kissed their cheeks.

“Daddy’s beard is poky.” Kataleya giggled cutely, patting her dad’s cheek before kissing him.

“Yeah well, I ain’t going to have a fucking babyface now am I?” Alejandro smirked, nudging his cheek against her own, making her giggle.

“Where’s the knife?” Skyla asked.

This girl and her love for weapons!

“Here, now be careful, ok?” I warned her, passing her the knife and placing Kataleya’s hand on top of her sister’s as everyone began singing happy birthday.

I kept my hand on top of the girls, guiding it to the cake and helped them slice it before I took the cake and fed them both a piece each, kissing them after I did so.

“Happy birthday, my angels.” I whispered, before my eyes met Alejandro’s.

He leaned forward, kissing me softly, before he turned to the girls in his arms.

“Now, how about you two feed me some cake? Let’s see if it at least tastes any better than it fucking looks.”

“Daddy! It’s pretty! It’s a unicorn cake!” Skyla scolded.

“Yeah, we’re fucking werewolves. Why would you want a cake of an animal that doesn’t exist and one that looks weird as fuck?” Alejandro remarked, allowing them to feed him cake.

“All children would want that cake.” Delsanra added.

“Guys, I wouldn’t mind a cake like that!” Raihana added.

“Actually, I wouldn’t want a cake like that, but then again, I’m not a kid, right Del?” Dante asked Delsanra, giving her a charming smirk.

I shook my head. Ever since the first time he saw the white-haired beauty, he had developed an infatuation with her, and despite getting older, that didn’t seem to have vanished – much to the irritation of his cousin Rayhan.

Delsanra was a hybrid witch-demon, and unlike the rest of us who saw her in her human form, Dante saw her demon form continuously; a form that was so dangerously beautiful, that any unmated wolf wouldn’t be able to deny her beauty when she shifted.

“Right, my churro.” Delsanra replied, squeezing his cheeks.

He pouted, tugging away, despite the blush on his cheek. Rayhan frowned, pulling Delsanra into his arms and making a few of the others chuckle. This was an ongoing thing with them, but I did hope Dante got over it.

I sliced the rest of the cake, passing everyone a plate, and was just about to put a slice of the chocolate cake into one more plate for Alejandro when his strong arms wrapped around me from behind.

“Not going to feed me, Amore Mio?” His deep seductive voice sent shivers of pleasure through me as his hand caressed my stomach, making a jolt of pleasure go through me.

“Won’t you feed me?” I countered with a pout as I broke a piece of the cake with my fingers, turning in his arms and resisting the urge to sigh as I brushed against the bulge in his pants.

“No, I’d rather fill you up later with something else…” He winked at me, before taking hold of my hand and taking the cake from my fingertips.

Dad cleared his throat, shooting him a glare, and I giggled. Nine years together and despite Dad himself being open with PDA, Alejandro’s no filter mouth was a bit too much for him.

But I loved it, I liked how dirty my man got. I bit my lip, my stomach knotting as he slowly licked my fingers, not giving a care for Dad’s intense glare of disapproval.

‘You really do like to tease him.’ I mind linked him with amusement.

‘I fucking do, I won’t deny that.’ He replied. ‘But I also want to fuck you day in and day fucking out. Not my fault he has an issue with that.’

I kissed his lips. The taste of chocolate cake lingered in his mouth, and I sighed.

Perhaps that letter was just… I don’t know but whatever it was, everything seems ok, everyone’s happy… I pushed the feeling of unease away, but even then, I knew I couldn’t ignore that someone had placed it there… Or it had been done by magic, either way, I needed to tell Alejandro.

I opened my mouth, but once again I felt blank, unable to form the letters. The more I thought about it, the more the words became jumbled. Just then, Dad and Mom came over, making me give up on my futile attempt.

“So, Marcel didn’t come again?” Dad asked quietly, his eyes on Mom before he looked at us.

I frowned slightly, looking up at Alejandro with concern. Marcel was Alejandro’s other brother, however, due to a complicated past his son, Leo, who was now seventeen, had begun to hate the rest of the family, especially his cousin Rayhan…

“No. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on any future occasion.” Alejandro said coldly, and although his face was emotionless, this was something that caused him enough worry and concern.

Despite how cold and uncaring he often looked or may appear; he was one of the most attentive and loving people I knew. I placed a hand on his chest, and he looked down at me, giving me a cold smirk that told me he was fine.

“He’ll come around.” Dad said quietly.

“I’m not going to fucking count on it, but I’ll keep trying.” Alejandro replied, taking out a cigarette and lighting it.


Night had blanketed the woods, and everyone had left. I had just put the girls to bed and walked over to the window, satisfied to see that patrol was posted right outside.

Breathe Kia, it’s nothing… But then why couldn’t I even speak about the letter? Something was up…

I glanced at the sleeping girls on the bed before I left the room, closing the door silently behind me when suddenly, someone grabbed my arms and spun me around, my back slamming against a hard chest. It took me a fraction of a second before the sparks that coursed through me gave away who my attacker was.

“It’s rude to manhandle people, Mr Rossi.” I scolded with a pout.

“It’s a fucking crime to look so fucking sexy too, Mrs Rossi.” He growled back, making me giggle breathlessly.

“Oh yeah? How will you punish me for my crime then?” I challenged him seductively, turning my head to stare up at him, not missing how his eyes flashed, dragging his gaze away from my breasts.

“How about I fucking show you…”

I smiled. The letter flashed in my mind and I glanced back at the girls’ bedroom.

“You’re still worried… I’ve had the men do a thorough search of the area. You need to relax.” He kissed my neck softly and I closed my eyes, leaning into his hold.

“Maybe…” I breathed, my core clenching in anticipation.

“Allow me to help…” He whispered huskily, his hands grabbing my boobs as he squeezed them, his lips attacking my neck with sensual, illicit kisses that sent sparks of pleasure erupting through me. He lifted me up bridal style and carried me swiftly down the hall to our room, kicking the door shut behind us and locking it before he walked over to the bed and dropped me onto it unceremoniously, making me gasp, my breasts bouncing.

That sexy cocky smirk on his lips told me he was about to fuck me the way I liked best. Alejandro style. I bit my lip, the burning desire of want pooling in my core. I could smell my arousal perfuming the air and from the way his eyes glowed red, I knew it was getting to him too.

“You are already wet and I haven’t even punished you.” He remarked arrogantly as he leaned over me, pinning my wrists to the bed.

I let my mental barrier down, letting him know exactly how much I wanted him, how I wanted to take his cock in my mouth and milk him until he had nothing left to offer.

“Keep going with those fucking dirty thoughts and I’ll be fucking you until you black out, Amore Mio.” He growled threateningly, gazing down at my body, the look of pure animalistic hunger on his handsome face only making me crave him even more.

“Punish me, Alpha.” I moaned, reaching up to kiss him. One of his hands wrapped around my throat, pinning me to the bed, and he smirked.

“Not so fast.”

His tongue traced my lips, making my core throb, but he didn’t kiss me, simply moving away and placing sensual rough kisses down my jaw before he sat back, releasing my hands and yanking my dress down from my breasts. His eyes darkened with approval as he admired my boobs.

“Fuck, you’re divine…” He growled approvingly before ripping my dress off completely. The fabric chafed my skin, leaving me in nothing but my tiny nude thong. He delivered a sharp tap to my breasts, pinching my nipple and making me whimper.

“Fuck, Al…” I whimpered.

He squeezed my breast, his mouth taking the other nipple into his mouth and sucking hard.


Pleasure coursed through me, accompanied by that sting of pain that only added to how good this felt… He went lower, his tongue running along my under-boob tattoo before he bit into my waist, sucking hard, his other hand still playing with my nipple, twisting it and making me whimper. The closer he got to my lower regions the wetter I became, yet he took his time devouring every inch of my body, save my pussy.

“Fuck, don’t tease me, Alejandro.” I moaned, as he ran his tongue sensually along my inner thighs.

“This is a punishment remember?” He mocked huskily.

Fuck… I moaned, parting my legs only for him to run his finger along the centre of my damp panties, I cried out at the light touch that was only making my body scream for more.

“Look how fucking wet you are…” He growled, tugging on my thong.

“I’m wet for you baby. Fuck me.” I whimpered.

But he wouldn’t, not until my body came to the brink. I reached down, stroking his hard shaft, but he didn’t let me for long. Flipping me over onto my stomach, he delivered a sharp tap to my ass, making me whimper.

“Fuck, Amore.” He groaned, rubbing my ass.

I wriggled my ass a little, but that only resulted in another pussy-dripping tap as he grabbed my breasts from behind and attacked my neck with rough, passionate kisses.

“Oh, fuck Alejandro.” I moaned wantonly.

“That’s its baby girl, beg to be fucked.”

“Please fuck me…”

“A King can never disobey his Queen.” He whispered huskily, pinning my arms behind me with one hand. I heard him unzip his pants before I gasped in pain and pleasure when he thrust into me with one brutal thrust…

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