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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 14 by desirenovel

King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 14 by desirenovel

His Hatred & Darkness KIARA ” Very well , if you so wish to see him . Cover her eyes ! ” He finally commanded , his cold eyes almost biting into my skin . I would obey . The main thing was that I needed to buy Alejandro time . Was Kataleya ok ? ” I will allow you to blindfold my eyes , but first can I see my daughter ? ” I asked , trying my best to sound emotionless , despite the worry that was eating me up inside . He smirked . ” You don’t make the rules here .

” I’m only asking to see my daughter first . ” I growled venomously . ” Just one look , to make sure she’s ok . ” He fell silent , mind linking someone before his sharp gaze turned to me . My aura was still around me , but I couldn’t keep it up , if I was to save Katalaya I needed all my energy level , which was already dropping .

” You are in no position to ask for anything , remember that . ” He spat icily . ” Fine . ” I clenched my jaw , but I didn’t want to do something so reckless that they did something to Kataleya . I just hoped Alejandro would get here soon . I would just need to buy enough time until then . Goddess , please give me the strength . I stayed silent , allowing them to blindfold my eyes , I felt a sharp object push against my barrier between my shoulder blades , prodding me forward .

” Walk . ” I didn’t reply , thinking I had spent years o f my life fighting with a blindfold on , years of fighting blindly in the dark Despite how strong I was , I lacked night vision , the price for my healing . What many didn’t know was that I actually couldn’t see in the dark at all , but it became my advantage over many others . The rest of my senses were heightened , advanced , so I was able to walk and manoeuvre efficiently . ose wolves thought I was just going to listen to everything they said and follow them quietly and silently , then yes , I would for now . However , if things went south , I would need to find Kataleya and run .

The house was not that big , I’d be able to locate her . If worst came to worse , I would do what I could , even if I could just get her out … I felt the warmth of the sun vanish from m y back and the dirt of the ground become hard beneath my feet the moment we stepped inside . It was cold , and something told me despite the house smelling of expensive wood and a spiced scent , it was a house with a dark interior . The dark windows had given that away to start with .

We walked along the hall , the floors were paved , maybe marble …. or stone . Our footsteps echoed off the walls . We slowed down , and suddenly all my sense of scent vanished . Even the ashy , smoky smell of the wolves around me just disappeared . Anti – scent spray ? Were they being careful ? Probably so I

didn’t pick up the scent of the Crimson King , or whatever he called himself . What exactly was his link to us ? What did he want from Alejandro ? I’m sure that’s who he meant by beast . ” Sit . ” I was told . They pushed me forward until my leg hit a chair , I reached out , feeling the item against my back prod harder , before I sat down , keeping my aura around me as a shield . The room fell silent , I was about to speak when I heard the echoing sound of footsteps approaching . I kept my heartbeat steady , feeling the aura of the man approaching . He was indeed powerful , maybe not on par to Alejandro , o r Liam , but powerful enough to be on par t o Dad . ” So , we have the queen here .

” He hissed venomously , and even though his voice was emotionless , it was cold and full of hatred . I heard him take a seat . The chair creaked a little under his weight . The urge to rip off the blindfold and take a look at this man was strong , but I remained unmoving . Buying time was the main goal . ” And we have someone who kidnaps children . ” I replied calmly ” Women should know when to hold their tongue . ” Well , I am not one of your women for you to command as you wish . ” My voice was calm despite how much hatred I felt for him . A sadistic chuckle left his lips , and I frowned .

” A woman of strong will , I’m surprised the Lycan allows you to be so disrespectful . If you were mine , I would break you into submission . ” I clenched my jaw , feeling his gaze roam over me . My stomach twisted with disgust . I’m not yours . I didn’t say it out loud , not wanting to trigger him . ” You said there was a debt owed to you . What exactly do you want from us ? ” ” The debt must be paid in full , but I won’t talk business with a woman . ” His arrogant , disgusting attitude was

irking me , but right now I was in his hold . It was clear his opinion on women was nothing more than dirt beneath his feet . ” Then whilst you do your business , allow me to see my daughter . ” He scoffed maliciously . ” And you think I will just bend to your wishes ? ” He mocked in his accented voice . ” We will give you what you want , but I have come here- ” ” And you won’t be leaving . ” He cut in . ” You will be leaving this property with the dead body of that pup .

My eyes flashed as anger flared through m e . I ripped the bandage off before any of the men could move , my aura spreading around me and my eyes meeting the ones of the man before me . He was not what I was expecting , he looked far more unhinged than I could have imagined , and something told me he really wasn’t someone I could ever reason with . His reddish – brown eyes burned into mine as his dark hair fell over one eye . His skin ; from the side of his face to his cheek , neck , hands and arms , was all melted and burned , a burn that stretched every time h e moved .

He raised his hand ever so slightly , barely lifting his fingertips from the table , warning the men to let me be . ” You have a problem with us , take it out on us ! When Alejandro comes for you , and h e will , you will regret this . ” I hissed coldly . ” Oh ? Who says he will manage to find this place ? ” He smirked , making my stomach twist . ” What do you mean ? ” ” We saw you approaching hours ago , we allowed you to enter this place , do you really think that ‘ feeling ‘ you had was purely your intuition dear blessed wolf ? ” His sneer grew , stretching the burnt skin i n the process , making him look even more sinister . I frowned , praying that Alejandro at least got the signal … ” I have far more power than you can ever imagine .

It seems like the beautiful Luna didn’t expect that . ” His gaze trailed over me , and I clenched my jaw . ” Fine , you got me as you wanted . Where’s my daughter ? ” I asked . He ignored me and stood up , striding towards me . He was tall , and his aura surrounded him like a sickening plague . The closer he got , the stronger it seemed t o grow . He tilted his head , his leering gaze falling to my lips . ” The Lycan’s mate is indeed beautiful . No wonder he treats you ever so highly . It’s either that or he is just far more pathetic than I’d heard . ” There were five of us in this room …. should I risk it ? I wasn’t sure I’d be able t o , if that other entity returned … ” He’s a man you can only ever wish to be . ‘ I replied , smirking coldly .

His gaze snapped up , leering at me . ” Don’t think that pretty Moonfire aura will protect you . ” He suddenly grabbed m y neck . My eyes widened in shock as he didn’t seem to have any issue penetrating my aura , the darkness I felt earlier was wrapped around him as he squeezed my neck . No one is more powerful than 1 , not you , and not your Lycan . ” I grabbed his hand , trying to loosen his hold , but the force behind it was suffocating me . The same pain erupted through me , it felt as if my entire body was on fire . ” What would you give to have your useless pup back in your arms ? ” He was grinning sadistically as if seeing m e in pain was entertaining . I would have her back in my arms soon .

I promise you my angel I am coming . I guess for him it was , but if he thought I’d go down without a fight , he sure had another thing coming . Summoning all the energy I had , I grabbed his hand once again , gritting my teeth as my hand burned from the touch and lifting my leg , kneeing him straight in the crotch . His grip loosened , he had not been expecting that . ” ALPHA ! ” ” What’s the matter ? Need your men to help you fight against a woman ?! ” I hissed , aiming another swing at him . He blocked , spinning around , and in a flash , twisted my arm behind my back .

The sickening crunch as he broke my arm and dislocated my shoulder sent another searing spasm of pain through me . ” I don’t need anyone to help me to defeat the likes of you . ” His venomous voice came , his men hesitating from helping . This was about his ego , and I knew he wouldn’t allow them to help . + As I wanted . ” But you use your Djinn though , despite thinking you’re all – powerful without it ? ” I taunted as I made use of my already broken shoulder to rip free from his hold and aimed a kick to his flank , putting all m y force into it , followed by a blast of my aura .

Despite the fact I was managing , everywhere that his hand had touched me burned as if hot oil had been poured onto me . Searing my skin , almost as if it was peeling the top layer off . I continued attacking him , throwing kicks and punches as I tried to get the opening that needed to rip his head right off , but he was guarded and I saw no weak points . ” I am no fool to fall for your words in rage . I have power , but I paid a price for that power ! I gained that power ! No one can do as I did ! I attained what I wanted ! .” He hissed . ” You disrespected me , and so you shall pay ! “

This was not how I wanted this to go , I needed to find Kataleya ! ” Alpha ! The Lycan is approaching with a powerful witch and an army ! ” I felt him tense , but it was not fear that was in him , it was just as if he was simply calculating the best course of action to take . My heart was pounding at the thought that Alejandro was close . Kataleya would be saved . ” We won’t face them now ! ” I heard him thunder just as that ominous aura filled the room . My head felt like it was being split open , a s if claws were being dug into my head . Alejandro …

I knew he couldn’t hear me , but would he feel this pain ? Would he know that something was wrong ? My aura was depleting fast . I was barely managing to hold him at bay , as I stared blurrily at the man before me , I fell to my knees as blood dripped down my face . I didn’t know how long I could hold on … I did my best to stop him from ripping my head open …. ” Leave … ” He growled to his men . The claws sank deeper into my skull , and a scream ripped from my lips as that dark , ominous aura grew . For a second , I felt as i f there was something else before me , something made of pure fire , the body doubling around the Alpha before me . Burning red … Crimson … He looked like he was on fire …

The power and darkness oozing from him … I felt something inside my head , something was wrong . ” She has been touched … ” This time when he spoke , it wasn’t his own . This voice alone made me feel worse , dark , sickening , and evil . Something that was not for the mortal ear to hear . Just when I felt like I wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer , he stepped away , smirking as if he had gained a victory . Glancing towards the window , he left the room swiftly , leaving me in the middle of the office , bleeding onto the woven rug on the ground ..

I kept my aura up just in case he came back and tried to kill me completely , knowing I needed to find Kataleya before they took her . I couldn’t get up but I crawled to the door . Using all my strength , I snapped my shoulder back into place , groaning due to the pain . My head was burning with agony . Blood coated my light brown locks . I needed to find my baby girl . The smell of fire filled my nose and I froze . The vision that I had after I had found the first letter returned to me in full force . Had that been a premonition ? Goddess , please no ! Kataleya !

I grabbed the door handle , pushing my body to my feet . I didn’t know how managed , but my only thought was my baby girl . Where do I look ? Fire was enveloping the entire building Think Kia … Where would you keep a prisoner … The basement or attic ! I looked up at the ceiling that was completely on fire , I wasn’t sure if the fire was real or if this was an illusion , but either way , it was hot and it was destroying the house . ” Kataleya … ” I staggered through the burning flames , I’ll take a look in the basement first , then I’ll head upstairs . I rounded a corner when suddenly a sob reached my ears .

A voice that I yearned to hear . My heart leapt like an eagle taking to the sky . Relief and happiness flooding me . ” Mama ? ” ” Baby ! ” I looked around frantically , spotting her standing at the far end of the hall .Tears streamed down her cheeks , large eyes full of sadness a few bruises on her face which only made my anger rise Her dress was a mess , torn and bloody as the flames were beginning t o touch her . Yet when she didn’t even flinch , I realised that these were created by magic .

My angel was immune to magic . ” Kataleya . ” I stumbled over to her , pulling her into my arms , swatting away the fire that had caught her dress . Kissing her on her head , shoulders and face . Baby , are I cupped her face , looking at the bruises o n her body . How could they … ” I’m ok mama ! Let’s go , you’re hurt . ” She whimpered , looking at me . I didn’t care if I was hurt , seeing her safe filled me with relief . With renewed energy , I wrapped my hand around her small one , kissing it as tears filled my eyes . My baby was ok . ” I’m ok , Mama . ” She whispered , brushing blood and tears from my cheek .

I nodded , holding her hand firmly , turned and hurried down the hall . I just needed to get her out of here . The windows were all barred from the inside , I don’t think I’ll b e able to break them . We were almost at the door when the roof caved , I wrapped my arms around Kataleya . She may be immune to magic but she was not immune to a tonne of wood falling on her . Her scream pierced the air , as one of the wooden beams fell on top of us . I kept my back arched , shielding her beneath me . ” Go outside Kataleya . ” I whispered , feeling my vision darken . ” No Mama ! ” ” Baby … now . ” I commanded , praying she listened . She looked down at me , I could see the tears streaming down her dirty face before I was pulled into the abyss of darkness and my world went dark …

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