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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 12 by desirenovel

King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 12 by desirenovel

An Act Of Kindness UNKNOWN I could hear the sounds of night animals outside my bedroom window hooting , howling , and crying out extremely loudly as I stared at the ceiling , laying on the hard plank of wood that was my bed . My room was luxurious enough , but as future . Alpha , there were certain things I didn’t need and shouldn’t get used to . Like soft beds , for one , or blankets . As a werewolf , my body kept itself warm and it was better to get used to things than being spoiled with useless , unnecessary items . It had been a while since I talked to the Lycan’s daughter , but I couldn’t brush off how innocent she seemed .

I know her father was a horrible person who owed m y family a lot , and I know that inevitably she may die . But whilst she was alive , perhaps I could offer her some sympathy ? Or something of the sort . I sat up remembering how her dress was torn at her waist , covered in bloodstains . She had lost a lot of blood too … I ran my hand through my black hair sighing . It wasn’t like me to show compassion , it was a weakness after all . Is this why father says women are nothing more than to bear pups ? Regardless of that , perhaps I should ask mother , 4 I got out of bed and exited my room , father stayed on a separate floor from my mother and I.

I guess that was convenient right now , I didn’t like going behind his back but something about the girl in the basement didn’t sit right with me . I walked down the carpeted halls and knocked lightly on mother’s door . It was past two am , she was probably asleep . The door opened and I looked up at her , although father said I shouldn’t care for anyone , I dare not tell him that I do care for mother . I love her dearly , just as much as I love him . She had black hair with large hazel eyes that were similar to mine . ” Mi Vida , what a surprise . ” Mother said softly , she wore a good mask too , she knew father’s rules .

” Yes , I wanted to ask you something , if I’m not intruding . ” I stated . I wasn’t allowed to visit her too often as father said it made me weak , and it was a waste of time . ” Of course not . ” She replied , smiling slightly . I walked into her room , and she closed the door . ” There’s a girl in the basement , the Lycan’s daughter . I went to visit her earlier , I know we shouldn’t trust anyone or anything no matter how helpless and innocent they may look , but I was wondering , how bad would it be to give her food ? ” I asked . Mother’s smile vanished and I could hear her racing heartbeat . H ” Mi Vida … don’t do it . ” She whispered . ” The Alpha will not forgive you . ” ” 1 I tilted : my head . He wouldn’t need to know and it was clear , despite mothers refusal , I still wanted to .. ” I understand , good night . ” I turned and left the room swiftly .

” Mi Vida … I ignored her and walked towards my room , hearing mother sigh and closing the door to her room . I glanced back at it before changing direction and heading downstairs instead , making my way to the kitchen . I needed to take something that I could carry discreetly . We had ribs for dinner . Perhaps there’s some left … I entered the large kitchen , the silence was deafening . I began opening the drawers , knowing I would have to hide the food when I went down .

I took a plate and went to the fridge , as I assumed there were some left over ribs and roast potatoes . I put them on the plate along with some spicy rice and placed it in the microwave . I’ve never really used this before … After pressing around on the random buttons , I finally got it figured out , the sound seemed to be blaring loud and I hoped no one came to check . I frowned wondering if father would hear me . But he usually liked to have adult time at night , whatever that meant . Hopefully , he didn’t hear me . Whilst the food was being heated , I busied myself with finding something to place the food in , a I rummaged around in the drawers , until I found some kitchen foil and a freezer bag . This should do …

I glanced towards the hallway before I spread two layers on the work top and got the plate from the microwave . Placing the ribs , potatoes and rice on the foil , I wrapped it up . She would have to make do without a spoon . I placed the foil into the freezer bag , hoping it wouldn’t smell too strongly . Going to the fridge , I grabbed a bottle of orange juice before sliding the hot food bag under my baggy top and left the kitchen .

I headed towards the basement and saw only Ronaldo , one of the four brothers , standing there . Well , one of three brothers now . ” Open the door , I want to see the foolish thing . ” I stated emotionlessly . His gaze dipped to the bottle of orange juice in my hand and I smoothly unscrewed the cap , taking a gulp . ” I just stopped by the kitchen for some food as I felt peckish , and now I can’t sleep . I need to vent some of this anger , I’m sure padre wouldn’t care if she gets a little injured . ” I smirked coldly , he lowered his head . ” Yes of course . ”

The moment the door opened , I glanced at Ronaldo . ” Keep the door shut , I will knock when I’m done , I don’t want anyone to get disturbed . ” He nodded , bowing his head to me , and the door shut behind me . I didn’t hear her this time . I scanned the dark room below and saw her body on the floor near the sink . Had she tried to drink water ? The tap was on , but it was obvious it didn’t really work , a dirty trickle of water was coming out of it . I took the food parcel out from under my shirt and placed it on the floor along with the juice bottle before walking over to her .

I switched the tap off , frowning when she didn’t even stir , it seemed she had fallen unconscious ….. How weak … I’ve been without food for two weeks , several times . Father made . sure I learned how to cope , yet here was this little weak thing unable to even keep awake after a few days of no food … I crouched down when I suddenly realised her body was bruised . Those weren’t there earlier … My heart began to race … she had been beaten . Had father done this ? My stomach twisted , I wasn’t sure but this wasn’t right Even if he was to kill her , why prolong the suffering ? TH No , I shouldn’t question father ..

” Oye chica , get up . ” I said , shaking her slightly . She whimpered , my eyes falling on the large bruise on her face . Had father actually beaten a child ? Sure my training consisted of beatings , but that was for me to get stronger … ” I have brought you food , but if you do not get up , then I can’t help you . ” ” 1 Still , she didn’t get up . I frowned , lifting her body and carrying her to where I had left the food . How troublesome . I propped the life – size rag doll against the wall , prodding her head that lolled to the side , actually she looked a lot like a china doll . Creepily cute with too much hair …

I don’t have time for random thoughts . I tapped her cheek lightly and this time her eyes fluttered open . ” Wake up , chica . ” I whispered . Her eyes flew open , her heartbeat thundering as she flinched as if ready to be hit again . ” I don’t hit girls . ” I rolled my eyes and held the orange juice bottle to her ; confusion filled those dark eyes of hers before she took it . ” Thank you . ” Her soft reply was rather pitiful as she sipped some of the juice with trembling hands , supporting the bottle . I quickly opened the plastic bag and unwrapped the foil , I prayed that by tomorrow the smell vanished or father may do worse . ” Is that for me ? ” She asked . ” No , it’s for me , I decided to come and eat down here because it’s much more appealing than the dining room ” I frowned . ” Of course it’s for you , but be quick . ” 1 She was hesitant , almost as if wondering i f this was a trick question .

” I ” Thank you .. ” Is that all you can say , chica ? ” ” My name is not chica , it’s Kataleya . ” She said , giving me a smile that lit up her bruised face . My eyes widened in shock . Did she not . realise I was the enemy ? She slowly reached over , moving the foil closer to herself , flinching with pain that clearly shot up her arm . Girls are so useless . I shook my head , pushing the foil paper towards her . ” Be quick , chica . ” Kataleya … it was an interesting name .

She reached for a potato first and looked a t me as if waiting for me to beat her , but once she realised I wasn’t going to do anything , she bit into it . We stayed silent a s she dug in , even though I knew she was starved , either she was far too weak to eat faster , or from what I could tell she was eating with manners . Tears streamed down her cheeks silently a s she ate , and they were beginning to irk m e . ” I’m sorry I couldn’t bring a spoon or fork . ” I stated when the silence and awkwardness became too much , thinking I had forgotten tissue as well , instead I
tore off a square of my pyjama sleeves and gave it to her . ” It’s ok , this is more than enough . I really am grateful for it . What is your name ? ” She asked , taking the square of fabric and patting her lips . I frowned , was it important ? Well , she was probably not going to live long … ” Enrique , Enrique Ignacio Escarra , future Alpha of the Fuego de Ceniza Pack . ” I claimed proudly . Her eyes widened as she looked me over , before fear flooded her eyes and she shrunk into the wall . ”

That man … Was he your papa ? ” She whispered , utterly terrified , visibly beginning to tremble . I looked over the bruises on her tiny body and frowned . ” 1 ” Yes . ” She nodded , gulping , but I could tell she was tense ; her heartbeat was erratic , and i she was shaking . ” Finish the food , I don’t have all day . ” I added coldly , getting up and turning away from her .

” I – I’m done . Thank you . ” She whispered . How foolish … did she not realise that she won’t get any more food here ? Well , that was her loss . Silently , I wrapped the remaining food back up with the foil and shoved it into the plastic bag . ” Drink the juice . ” I commanded , glaring a ther . She quickly obliged , fat tears rolling down her cheeks , but they only annoyed m e even more . ” Padre is right , girls are useless .

” I pushed the empty orange juice bottle into the plastic bag and stood up , shoving it under my top and made my way up the stairs without even looking back . I had just about reached the door when it was pulled open before I even managed to knock , revealing none other than father himself . His nostrils flared and his eyes blazed goldish brown . Oh damn … ” Did you give the girl food mijo ? ” He asked me .

His voice was scary and I knew I would be punished . ” Yes , I did padre . ” I admitted , lowering m y head to him in submission . He scoffed , before he backhanded me across the face , sending me reeling into the door to the basement . The food packet slipped from under my top , falling to the ground as my vision spun from the sheer force of father’s hit . My head pounding . ” Well … well … well … Enrique … What have I told you about rules and law ?

” I must always abide by yours , padre … ” ” And yet you didn’t . ” I heard a quiet sob from down below and the sound of scurrying footsteps . Realising what was about to happen , I frowned . The foolish chica was going to help me ? She really had a death wish ! Father smirked as Kataleya appeared behind me . ” P – please don’t hurt him , I promise I won’t- ” ” Bitch ! ” He growled , suddenly lurching forward , kicking her square in the chest and back down the stairs . I heard her tiny body tumble down the stairs , but no sound escaped her . My heart thumped in my throat ; I shouldn’t have given her food !

This was my fault ! Father was about to go down the stairs when I stepped in his way . ” Padre , I disobeyed and commanded her t o eat . It is I who needs to be punished for defying you . ” I stated , praying the silly girl stayed down . Father frowned , before smirking coldly . ” Indeed , mijo , indeed … He grabbed me by my hair painfully , pulling me away from the door . ” Lock the fucking door and make sure no one sees her ! ”

Father hissed and I knew what was to come when he dragged me outside . Lashing or a beating . The moment father took his belt in his hand , I raised my head prepared for what was to come , after all I have learned how t o take this …
I closed my eyes when the first hit connected to my back . Father would unleash all his anger upon me , but it was the right of the Alpha … This is how I would learn to be the best kind of Alpha … Just don’t feel …

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