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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 11 by desirenovel

King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha chapter 11 by desirenovel

His Irritation UNKNOWN I frowned , watching my father pace the room in anger , as I stood against the wall ; chin up , shoulders back , hands crossed behind my back , ready and paying attention to whatever he might say . He took his jacket and gloves off , revealing his burnt skin . The side of his face was burned too , but it wasn’t as bad a s the rest of his body . People found him quite scary with his skin all raw and burnt . The burns didn’t look normal either , they had an angry red shade to them despite them being there since before I was even born . But father was still the best , the strongest and the most powerful .

” I asked you , men , to bring me the boy . ” Father hissed , staring at the four men who looked almost identical to each other , with their flaming red hair and pale orangey eyes . Power exuded from them , but it didn’t match father’s , nowhere close . ” Alpha … we tried , but he wasn’t making it easy , the boy or this girl- ” ” Did I ask you to talk back hijo de p ** a ?! ” Father spat , his powerful aura blanketing the room . I looked down , no matter how angry he was , he wouldn’t hurt me … I kept my gaze straight ahead when Dad ripped through one of their necks . The gargling sound of choking and the strong smell of metallic blood filled the room and I swallowed , trying not to gag . Father wanted me here , so I learned exactly how to keep order within our people .

Father was strict and dangerous ; h e was the perfect Alpha . One I wanted to become just like , when I was old enough . H e was my role model . A true king . I glanced at the body of the man he had killed emotionlessly . ” Tell me Mijo , if an order is given , what d o we do ? ” Father’s cold glare was on me , and I smiled confidently , making sure no emotion reached my eyes . ” We complete it by all means necessary , there is no such thing as failure . ” I replied emotionlessly .

” That’s my son . ” Father’s glare returned t o the other three men . ” The girl is useless , without even an ounce of power o r aura within her . The Lycan won’t care if she’s collateral damage , she’s not his heir ! ” ” King … forgive me for speaking up , but from what we have been told , the Lycan actually loves his children , I think he will want her back . ” One of the men replied quietly . Father’s lips curled in disgust , his burned skin stretching as he did so . ” She’s a girl ! I don’t think anyone will come for her ! She is useless to me ! ” I frowned , tilting my head , a girl ? I didn’t know that they had managed to bring one of the Lycan’s children … albeit the wrong one . I had heard of his abilities , even from across the ocean . He was said to be a force to be reckoned with .

Well , I guess he hasn’t met father , ” Padre … it’s worth a try … If it doesn’t work , just kill her and send him the video . ” I shrugged . Father smirked coldly ; his eyes full of burning rage and pride . ” That’s an idea . ” He turned his gaze on the other three , his hatred and anger growing tenfold . I frowned , I wanted to see this girl … The child of a Lycan … Was she powerful ? People say they can already sense my aura although I’m only ten . ” May I see her ? ” Father looked at me , frowning , as if he had not expected that request . ” Very well , you may . ” He said , ” Take him ! 11 One of the men nodded , bowing his head t o father before I made my way out of the room , pausing for him to walk ahead and lead the way . I had no idea where she was kept after all . I won’t deny that I was curious to see her . ” Alpha Prince , she’s in the basement . ” I raised an eyebrow with curiosity .

A basement in this place ? I didn’t even know there was one . We were currently away from our home , for the last year … But father had important work here , more so with this Lycan . We walked through the pantry and Rodrigo unlocked the huge padlock . I was a little curious , if she was nothing special , then why was she kept under such security ? The metal door screeched open . ” I’ll manage alone from here , Rodrigo . Wait upstairs . ” I said emotionlessly . I wasn’t sure how old she was , but I was sure even if she was older than me , I could take her if she tried anything funny .

Clearly , Rodrigo thought the same , as he didn’t argue . I walked down the stairs , the scent of cherry blossoms and soft cotton breeze filled my nose , I frowned . This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting a Lycan’s hybrid to smell like . I scanned the darkness down below . There was a small arch that led to the toilet and sink , but then the rest of the room was empty . I heard a gasp and a cut – off whimper , so raised my eyebrow . Where was she ? I paused when I saw her , huddled in the corner , her hands clamped over her mouth and wide doe eyes that stared back at me with fear . I barely hid my surprise .

She was young , really young … She seemed to be confused as she looked me over , and it was then I realised I hadn’t even been able to sense her until I spotted her . Strange . Her long light brown hair was a mess , but I could tell she was a pampered little princess from her dress . ” Please don’t hurt me . ” She whispered ; her voice was soft too , like her scent . Gentle and full of emotions . I didn’t really hear it often . It was … strange . Who would have thought the Lycan’s daughter would be so much of a disappointment ? I was expecting someone brave , strong and unyielding . How pathetic … At that age , I had already killed . ”

I don’t hit girls , ” I stated arrogantly , crossing my arms as I walked over to her . ” Stand up . ” I commanded coldly . Her eyes widened , impossibly large , her heart thumping . I realised when I entered that I hadn’t heard it either … So , she wasn’t completely ordinary … Wait … was i t possible she was hiding her abilities ?

She obeyed , standing up quickly . To my surprise , she held my gaze . Hmm … so she was indeed the Lycan’s child . Usually , people would look away . She looked around seven , I think . She was cute , I had to admit , pretty even , not like the picture I saw of the Lycan … Was she really his daughter ? ” Is your father the Lycan king ? ” I asked . She nodded . ” ” Yes . ” ” You don’t look like him . ” She blinked and I shook my head . Of course , she doesn’t look like a grown man . I sounded foolish . ” Have you been given food ? ” I changed the subject , hiding my blunder . I wasn’t sure why I even asked … I remembered what I told father about killing her , but at the time I didn’t think she would be so little … and innocent .. but father would kill her if he deemed it was best . ” No. ” She replied .

I didn’t reply , it wasn’t my business … I was about to leave when she spoke . ” Umm , will they let me go ? ” She asked softly . ” No. ” I stated emotionlessly . ” Oh . ” Her voice trembled and I walked to the stairs swiftly , I shouldn’t stay here any longer than necessary . ” I will see if you are allowed food . ” I said simply before exiting and slamming the door behind me . ” Young master , I doubt she is permitted t o have food . ” Rodrigo said , bowing his head . ” I didn’t ask you for your opinion . ” I replied coldly , walking off . If she isn’t allowed food , then she isn’t . I didn’t care .

Then why couldn’t I shake the thought out of my head ?

ALEJANDRO Another day had fucking gone by but nothing , I was not far from Marcel’s pack and decided to stop by . He had joined in o n the search and had told me I needed a break . As much as I fucking didn’t want to stop for the night , I knew I had to keep my fucking energy up . The search for Kataleya was not going to stop . When we stopped , others took our place . There wasn’t anything solid yet , but we did get some information on some odd events over the last few months , and it Wa down south , so let’s fucking see . I walked through the huge silver gates of the Sangue pack with Marcel at my side , everyone bowing their heads to us as we passed .

They had come a long fucking way since they first became a proper pack . They were like any other pack now , despite being rogues to start with . Marcel had done a good job and had managed to bring the unruly wolves under his control . Despite being manipulated by our mother , and under her control , he had been strong enough to not let it get to his fucking head .

This pack was seen as the outcasts by many , over the years that image faded and people weren’t treating them as badly or as coldly as they once were , but despite that , the seed of hatred lingered in the form of none other than my nephew … Leo Rossi . Even now when we enter Marcel’s mansion , he was coming down the staircase and paused , in the process of pushing up his sleeves . Like me , he was fucking tatted all over . His pale blue eyes only seemed to get paler and colder as the years passed .

He was seventeen now , but he was almost as fucking tall as I was . His chocolate brown hair only added a few fucking inches too … ” Alejandro . ” His icy voice came . ” Leo , good to fucking see you . You’ve grown a few inches . ” I replied , giving him a smirk despite how fucking worried I was about Kataleya . His face didn’t change , but he gave me a curt nod . ” I’m out . ” He told his father . ” Leo stay for dinner . Your cousin Kataleya’s still not found . Perhaps you can give some insight . ” Marcel suggested quietly .

He raised his eyebrow ” And that’s my issue , why ? ” I frowned , my anger flaring up , but I wasn’t going to lash out when that’s what he fucking wanted . I saw myself in him , and it wasn’t a pretty sight . Rafael had been there for me when I let the darkness consume me , and I intended to be there for Leo continuously , even if he was a fucker that I wanted to smack over the head most of the fucking time . Fucking pups . ” Leo ! ” Marcel growled .

” What ? Will eating together solve the fucking issue ? I don’t think so . ” He scoffed before pushing past his dad and walking out . The door slammed shut behind him . ” He’s getting worse …. The only thing I can pride him on is that he is fair when it comes to the pack and he’s studying hard . ” Marcel growled . ” It’s that age . I’m sure he’ll come around , that , or he’ll get a mate who will fucking whip his ass into shape . ” . ” I want to see what girl can do that …

She’s going to have to be extremely strong willed . ” Marcel sighed . ” Yeah , someone like Kiara , I don’t know how the fuck she fixed me up . ” I agreed coldly , needing a fucking cigarette . Marcel chuckled dryly . ” Well , the Westwood women are something else . ” Yeah , they fucking are . Scarlett is even more fucking feisty and equally headstrong as her daughter . I glanced over at him , despite only being six years older than me , he looked aged .

He had lost his mate . These were signs that were bound to catch up … Second chance mates existed … But not everyone got one . Life fucking sucked , if he took a chosen one , maybe things would get fucking easier ? But I also knew this was Marcel , h e wasn’t over her … Many Alphas took chosen mates just to keep their sanity . ” Come , I’ll show you to a room where you can shower , and then dinner will be ready . ” I nodded , allowing him to lead the way .

Once – 1 was left alone in a guest room , I took my phone out of my oversized Shorts pocket . First , I checked for updates from the other men , filled them in on where I was and the plans for tomorrow . 1 sat down on the bed , lying back , feeling the tiredness in my bones , I needed to talk to my nympho . How was she coping ? Were the kids and Del doing ok ? I called her , frowning when it went straight to the answering machine .

Why the fuck was it turned off … I tried again , nothing . The fuck ? I sat up , dialling Darien , he should be there … His phone rang but he didn’t answer . Worry began consuming me and a thousand fucking scenarios rushed through my head , did something fucking happen ? The only thing fucking keeping m e from losing my shit was I hadn’t felt anything through the link . Fuck . I rang Scarlett next , my heart racing as I tried to tell myself they were ok . The witches did a fucking spell right ? Nothing should have fucking happened …..

” Hello . ” I closed my eyes . Never have I been fucking happier to hear her voice . ” Why the fuck is Kia’s phone off ? ” I growled . ” Hello to you too , Alejandro . ” The woman was so fucking antagonising a t times . ” Pass it to Kiara . ” 1 Silence followed , and I clenched my jaw . Was she really fucking doing this ? ” For fucks ‘ sake , please ? ” I added coldly . ” I’m not asking you to be nice , Alejandro . It’s just that Kiara isn’t available right now . ” She replied calmly . The fuck she mean’s unavailable ? ” Scarlett … Where is Kiara ? ” My stomach twisted , my heart thumping with unease . Don’t fucking tell me she left FFE ” She went after Kataleya . ” I closed my eyes , my aura flaring around me as her words sank in . Fuck .

Kiara was out there alone … phone off … with no one … ” She’ll be ok Alejan- ” ” Do not fucking tell me she’ll be ok , when my daughter is out there alone , and now Kiara ? Fuck why did you let her go ? ” I hissed standing up . I couldn’t stay here when she was out there alone . ” She’s a mother- ” ” Who clearly had no faith in her mate . ” I said icily . I didn’t care if those words were harsh , because what I felt inside … was fucking worse . I was doing my best … I fucked up … Kat was gone because of me , and now Kiara decided to go look for her , herself ? I really wasn’t fucking enough and it was clear she had no faith in me too . ” Alejandro , please don’t think like that she’s only- ” I cut the call , I did not need Scarlett talking shit to me . I needed to find Kiara now too . Fuck this .

My phone rang as I stood up and I answered it , glancing at the name , Elijah I had half a fucking mind to let him know what his daughter had just done . Actually , I think I fucking will . ” What is it ? ” I asked coldly . ” I’m in Oxford , and there’s been a sighting that may or may not help , someone said they saw a mass of reddish coloured wolves , although the old man seems to be a little lost in the head , I think it’s all we got to go on . ” ” Perfect . I’ll head there now … ” I closed my eyes , feeling some fucking hope … ” By the way … Kiara left and your mate allowed it . You know it’s not fucking safe out there . ”

I growled . ” What ? ” Elijah’s voice was sharp , and I could hear the irritation in it . I smirked coldly . ” Yeah exactly . She doesn’t fucking listen , I’m going to send a team out to find her and I’m coming down to Oxford , if we have a lead I’m not wasting more time allowing my baby girl to be out there alone for longer than necessary . ” Elijah sighed heavily . ” That makes sense … When you get here , you , Liam and Rayhan can head forward , P’ll find Kiara . ”

” Yeah , and let her know , when I find her , she’s in fucking trouble . ” I growled , hanging up . My eyes blazed red , I swear if anything happens to her …. I closed my eyes , running a hand through my hair and trying to control my anger . I told her I couldn’t fucking focus if she was out there … I told her to stay …. I dialled Darien . That fucker didn’t answer because he was fucking scared , I knew that much … ” Hi Alpha . ” ” Hey , fucker . You couldn’t keep Kiara there ? ” ” Listen , she snuck out . No one realised … ” . ” Oh yeah ? I’ll be fucking sorting this shit out when I get home . For now , anything

with my demand on the net ? ” ” ” Nothing , maybe he hasn’t seen it yet . ” Darien said , clearly nervous . ” Push for it to get more fucking exposure , ” I want my girl back by all fucking means . ” I ripped open the door to the bedroom , and stormed downstairs . 11 ” Al … Didn’t you shower or ” I need to go , Kiara left to look for her too , and Elijah may or may not have found a lead . You don’t come , you need your fucking rest .

‘ IF Not waiting for a reply , I shifted and rushed from the house . I spotted Leo sitting high up in a tree , smoking a cigarette as I ran past , my only aim was to get to Oxford and pray that my baby girl was somewhere there … As for Kiara … I frowned deeply , no matter how fucking pissed I was at her , the worry for her safety clawed at my mind and chest . Fuck , why was she so damn reckless ? The trees were a blur as I zoomed through them as fast as I could . Tonight the moon was hidden mostly by clouds and the night was still , yet that burden that hung above my head was fucking looming heavily . I needed to fix this shit .

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