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Kids from One Alpha By Selena Lynch Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Courting

Logan changed into something a little nicer after he got home from his office. He was taking Serena and the kids out for an evening, but he still wanted to look nice. He had a rose for Olivia, a carved wooden wolf for Oliver, and a velvet jewelry box for Serena.

He’d meant it when he said that he wanted to romance her in all the right ways. He also knew that he had to win the kids over too. He’d also signed a contract to give Olivia gifts It was early enough that Logan had planned for Dana to bring the kids home early from daycare. He’d called in a favor to her to get them ready to go out. He was going to take them to a park on the opposite side of the territory.

There was a picnic dinner packed in the car with a blanket and a picnic basket. The park had a pond with ducks in it, and some small fish. Logan had packed two small fishing rods as well. The park also had a treehouse and a playground. It was in a spot where the sunset would reflect perfectly on the water and then open up to a night sky full of stars. As Logan was leaving, he ran into his mother on the front porch. “Oh, where are you going in such a hurry?” Flo asked. “Out with Serena and the kids,” Logan said. “Good,” Flo said with a nod. “I hope you are treating them well.” “Of course, I am,” Logan said with a nod. He held up the gifts he had for all of them. Flo smiled at her son.

“You learned from the best,” she said, pointing to herself. Logan chuckled and shook his head

“Don’t wait up, mom,” he teased. Flo chuckled and shoed him off the porch.

Logan drove over to Serena’s house. He knocked on the door and Dana let him in. “Serena isn’t back from the hospitai yet, but the kids are ready to go,” she said. “Thanks for your help on this today, Dana,” Logan said with a nod. Anything to help get Serena out and having a good time,” Dana said with a smirk. “I called Serena and she said that she was going to be back on time.” “Daddy Logan,” Olivia said. “Hey there.” Logan said. “I brought you a gift, as our contract stated.” “What is it, what is it?” Olivia asked, jumping up and down. Logan handed Olivia the rose. She swooned. “Wowreal flower for me!” she spun around, dancing through the living room. “It is so pretty!” Courting “What about me?” Oliver asked. Logan chuckled and handed him the carved wolf. “Awesome,” Oliver said. He took the wolf and jumped on the couch, howling as he bounced up and down on the cushions.

The front door opened and Serena came in. “What is going on here?” she asked, smiling at how excited the kids were. “Just making good on my contract,” Logan said. “Now, go shower and changeWeve got a special night planned.” “Um…okay,” Serena said. She was quick to get ready to go. Logan got the kids in the car while Serena finished getting ready. The drive wasn’t too long, even though it was on the opposite side of the territory “You two will love this park” Logan told the twins. “Are we going to fish?” Oliver asked, tapping the fishing pole. “You can if you want,” he said. “What is this park?” Serena asked. Logan reached over the seat and took her hand in his, squeezing gently. “You’ll see,” he said with a smile. Serena sighed and shrugged, but she didn’t ask more questions. Logan pulled up at the park. The sun was just setting and an orange glow consumed the entire area. “This is beautiful,” Serena admitted. “There’s a picnic in the trunk,” Logan said. “If you want to set that up, I’ll get the fishing poles out for the kids.” “Alright,” Serena said. Logan noticed the sweet smile on her lips. It was the first family outing she’d had where she didn’t have to do everything for the twins and for herself. Logan imagined there was some relief in that. Logan got the twins set up with their poles. There was a small dock on the pond for them to stand on and fish off of. They were happy to be left there fishing and chatting. Logan went back to where Serena was laying out the picnic blanket and pulling things from the basket. “Did you make all this?” Serena asked as Logan sat down. “No,” Logan said shaking his head. “I wish I could take credit, but I’m not this skilled in the kitchen,

There was a bottle of bubbly in the basket too, alcohol free so the kids could have some.

“I brought something else, just for you,” Logan said, pulling the jewelry box from his

pocket. Serena raised an eyebrow at the box.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Open it and fine out,” Logan said with a chuckle. Serena seemed nervous when she took the box. “It isn’t an engagement ring,” Logan assured. Serena sighed and opened the box more easily. “Logan,” she gasped. Her smile was genuine, and Logan smiled too. He was unable to stop smiling seeing how happy she was. Inside the box was a sterling silver charm bracelet. Logan had put two twin wolf charms on it and a heart charm. “This is absolutely beautiful,” she said. Logan took the box from her and removed the bracelet.

Serena held her wrist out and he clasped it into place. Serena held her wrist up, looking at the bracelet in the setting sun. “Thank you,” she said. “I figured it would be a happy medium. Rather than getting you jewelry all the time, I can just get charms for the bracelet,” he said. Serena smiled.

“I like that compromise,” she said. She leaned over to Logan, kissing him quickly on the lips.

His heart raced at the kiss and he wanted to pull her closer and kiss her harder. He refrained, hearing the twins laughing at the pond. “Olivia, Oliver,” Serena called. “We have food if you’re hungry.” The twins pulled in their lines and ran to the picnic blanket. “Yummy!” Olivia said. Logan poured the bubbly into the plastic champagne glasses. He handed one to the kids and to Serena, “Is this wine?” Olivia asked. Logan shook his head as she took a big sip. “Nosweetie,” he said. “It is a bubble drink that kids can have.” The sun set fully by the time they finished their picnic meal. Werewolves had night vision, though, event he twins who hadn’t shifted yet. Stars quickly appeared in the sky, helping them see even better. Serena looked up at the stars and gasped. She leaned her head on Logan’s shoulder.

“This is a beautiful spot,” Serena said. “Can we go play again?” Oliver asked.

Stay on the playground” Serena said. “Don’t go near the water in the dark.”

“Okay,” the twins said before running off. “Did you see the treehouse?” Logan asked. Serena chuckled. Logan slipped his arm around her shoulders and hugged her a little closer. “I did,” she said.

“Maybe, someday, we can come back here together and try it out,” he said playfully. Serena giggled. “Well, play your cards right, and I’d say that is definitely in the books,” Serena said. She lifted her head from his shoulder and kissed his cheek. Logan sighed. It was all so tame, but he was willing to wait. The most important thing was that the twins were having a good time. “Oh, I did bring something else just for you,” Logan said. He reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a banana pastry from the restaurant the night before. He didn’t have any ice cream, but he’d brought some whipped cream. “It isn’t warm, and we don’t have ice cream, but I thought it would be a nice reminder of our first date,” Logan said. Serena chuckled. Logan put a layer of whipped cream on the pastry and held it to Serena’s lips. She took a bite, moaning in pleasure at the delectable tasted. Logan ate the other half of the pastry. He had whipped cream on his fingers, and Serena grabbed his hand, bringing his fingers to her lips. She slowly licked the whipped cream off. “You are a bit of a tease,” Logan said in a husky voice, her tongue sending all the right kinds of tingles through his body and into his groin. “Just want to keep you guessing,” Serena said with a wink. “So, how long until this romance and courting wears off?” “I’d say a month or two, at least,” Logan said with a chuckle. “Look at the stars with me?” Serena asked. Logan nodded. Serena and Logan lay back on the blanket looking up at the stars. Logan took Serena’s hand in his, bringing it to his lips and kissing her fingers as they both gazed up at the wide expanse of stars. It was a beautiful night and Logan was happy that he’d been able to make it so special for Serena and the twins.

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