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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 359

The man was rather displeased. Seeing how he dressed and the gold chains on his neck, he must be one of the wealthy mine bosses. who bought a house in K City and behaved arrogantly.

He pushed the manager away and glared at John. “Who the hell are you? Mind your own business!”

Who’s John? If John wanted him dead, he had tons of tormenting methods to make the man suffer. And so John kicked the man in his belly without sparing another word. His movements were so swift that the man had no chance of defending himself.

Being the merciless man he was, John kicked the man’s crotch without hesitation. “You like it this way? Keep cursing, and I’ll break you.”

“Argh,” the man screamed out of pain as he rolled on the floor while covering his crotch.

His shrieks attracted a crowd, and they were looking at me and John.

After expressing his anger, John felt a lot better. He turned to the manager and commanded, “Take him away. Don’t let people like him in from now on.”

Faced with John’s domineering aura, the manager could only do as John said and asked some men to carry the man away.

Standing at the side, I looked at him and pursed my lips. This was the second time I witnessed him hitting people because he was in a foul mood.

Noticing my stare, he pursed his lips and calmed down before saying, “Did I scare you?”

I shook my head and replied, “This is the second time. Are you implying something by using violence in front of me deliberately?”

He took off his coat and tossed it on the couch. Leaning against the couch, he explained, “It was an accident. I’ll control my temper next time.”

I was left speechless by his relaxed attitude after beating someone up.

He ordered a few drinks while the server was cleaning up the mess after the commotion. Looking at me, he said, “You really like to butt into others’ business.”


Tilting my head in confusion, I asked, “When did I start meddling with others’ business?” I wasn’t one to follow the crowd.

He chugged the glass of wine down in one go before raising a brow at me. “There. That lady is glancing at you.”

I froze and glanced back. The female worker who was hurt just now stood still beside the table. It seemed like she was waiting to face the music.

I pursed my lips and looked at John. “There’s nothing I can help her with.”

“You’ve just made it worse for her.” A voice sounded suddenly, and I was shocked.

A beautiful woman sat down beside me. She was flamboyant and gave off a sense of aggression.

I was stunned. “Hello!”

The woman swept a glance at me and spoke disdainfully. “I’m Emery Moore. And you are?”

Emery Moore?

The youngest daughter of the Moore family and Zachary’s little sister?


What a coincidence!

I said, “Scarlett Stovall.”

When she heard my name, she froze for a moment. Soon after, she narrowed her eyes at me. “You’re the one who destroyed Cameron?”

I pursed my lips and didn’t respond. I didn’t really like the Moores, so I was reluctant to talk to her.

John said, “Cut the crap. We’re here to drink and enjoy. If Ms. Moore wants to seek trouble, you can go to other tables to try your luck and stop your bickering here.”

Emery snorted and turned to me. “You have so many people to protect you.”

“What do you want, Ms. Moore?” I made it clear that I didn’t wish to drag on this conversation.

“Don’t be so repulsive toward me. I’m here to be your friend.” Emery sat beside me and continued, “As the saying goes, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ I hate Cameron and that pretentious daughter of hers too, so we should be friends.”

I remained silent, listening to her bold words.

She looked at the female worker who was hurt and said, “Shouldn’t you help her to the end? She’s such a fragile lady. Do you think it ends here after John castrated the man?”

When I turned to John, he was impatient. “Can you stop dilly-dallying?”

Emery remained calm and said, “You two are the heirs of the Stovall family. The man wouldn’t dare to seek revenge on you guys. However, that’s not the case for her. She is on her own, without a powerful family background. Now that she had caused trouble, that fatty will surely come for her and make her suffer.”

When she saw me furrowing my brows, she gave a scornful laugh. “Stop putting up the image of being uninterested in mundane affairs. You’re lucky enough to meet so many benefactors in your life. You have a pretty face and people around you to protect you. Unlike you, there are a lot of pitiful people leading miserable lives.”

She pointed at the lady and said, “Look at her. She’s beautiful and has a delicate figure. Perhaps her family background is similar to yours. However, she doesn’t have Ashton as her husband and Mr. Stovall as her brother, nor did she have someone like Louis in her life. So, her life is full of sorrow.”

This woman…

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