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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 355

He didn’t agree but went silent when he was about to refute, then signaled me to look at the entrance.

It was a sleek black luxury car. Those we mostly encountered were Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maybach, and Bently. This was the first time Ashton was being flamboyant. He was driving a Rolls-Royce.

But there were many luxury cars at this type of banquet, so it was not a rare sight.

The driver stood beside the car. He came up to me with a smile when he spotted me. “Madam, Mr. Ashton had been waiting for you. He is sick, please go back soon!”

What he meant was, even though Ashton was sick, yet he was still waiting for me!

I wanted to reject the idea subconsciously, but the driver clasped his hands together anxiously, although he was wearing a smile.

I couldn’t help but furrowed my brows. “He’s very sick?”

The driver nodded and said, “It has been two days. He hasn’t been taking medication, and he refuses to go to the hospital. He even insists on coming today. Please… please talk to him!”

I turned around and looked at John. “Tell Uncle Louis that I’ll visit him when I’m free!”

He nodded in response and narrowed his gaze towards the car.

Without much thought, I quickly walked towards the car and opened the door.

Ashton’s eyes were closed with his lips pursed. His handsome face was ghastly pale.

I leaned closer to him instinctively. The heater in the car was off, but his forehead was drenched with his perspiration in the ice-cold winter.

“What’s wrong?”

He still had his eyes closed. His expression was grim with no intention of looking at me.

With grouchiness and chillness in his voice, he said, “Get down if you’re not coming up!”

His words had no warmth and were filled with a tint of anger.

I pursed my lips. My heels were too high, so I took them off and lifted my dress when I got into the car. I looked at the driver and said, “To the hospital.”

The driver was stunned as he looked at Ashton. After seeing he had no objections, he started the car.

K City was prone to traffic jams, especially around ten at night.

Upon reaching the city center, the car couldn’t move anymore. Ashton frowned slightly, and his forehead was glistening with droplets of perspiration. He was extremely pale, and he furrowed his brows tightly.

His condition seemed terrible. I saw his slender fingers pressed against his stomach from the corner of my eyes. I was startled and said to the driver, “Stop at the junction in front!”

The driver thought I was going to alight and said hesitantly, “Madam, we’re about to reach the hospital. You should accompany Mr. Ashton to see the doctor…”

I was speechless. Since when did people start to see me as a cold-blooded person?

I paused briefly before speaking. “There’s a drug store in front. I’ll get down and buy some medicine for him.”

“It’s fine!” Ashton said.

I got into a temper upon hearing him and said angrily, “Shut up if you don’t want to die!”

The car stopped along the roadside. I didn’t see the shocking expression of the driver and alighted while lifting the hem of the dress.

To be honest, the gown was not fit for humans. It was not only troublesome but way too cold to be in.

Especially in a cold place like K City.

After getting the medicine, I divided the medicine properly before passing the warm water from the drug store to the aloof man. “Eat the medicine.”

He didn’t speak, and he was as cold as ice. The driver saw me shivering and switched on the heater. He even passed me a jacket and said, “Madam, please put on this jacket first.”

The black tuxedo suit that Ashton was wearing was taken off at some point in time. It was the one that the driver passed to me.

I was speechless. This man was more long-winded than a woman.

He was still closing his eyes with his brows furrowed. I said, “Ashton, eat the medicine. You can die of pain if you refuse to eat. I’m too tired to deal with you now.”

I put down the medicine and the warm water on the rack as I spoke. I threw the jacket back to him and was about to alight the car.

He grabbed my wrist. “Where are you going?”

“It’s none of your business!”

“Go home!” He said in a low voice as the car started.

I didn’t say much. I looked at Ashton and said, “Eat the medicine!”

He opened his bloodshot eyes. I could imagine he probably had not been resting well these few days.

He ate the medicine in silence and continued to close his eyes to rest. The driver was confused and queried, “Madam, should we go to the hospital or?”

“Go home!” Ashton said. His tone was final.

I pursed my lips. My brain was buzzing. “Ashton…”

“Jared will come over later!” There was fatigue in his voice.

I didn’t say anything else.

It didn’t take long to reach the villa. It felt inconvenient to lift my dress. After alighting the car, Ashton still closed his eyes without budging.

The driver looked at me helplessly, as if he didn’t dare to touch Ashton lightly.

I sighed and walked to Ashton’s side. “Ashton, get down. We’re home!”

He opened his eyes without any further movements. Instead, he stared at me with a dark look in his eyes.

After exchanging a long stare, I gave up and reached out to him. “I’ll help you down!”

He pursed his lips, refusing to speak. But half of his slender body was leaning on me.

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