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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 351

He scoffed and barked, “Don’t say such crap.”

I stared out the window and let my mind wander. “John, we’re the only ones left from R Province,” I lamented.

He froze for a second before frowning. “What do you mean?”

At the traffic light, he stopped to stare at me.

My throat hurt slightly, and my eyes were uncomfortably dry. “Macy’s gone!”


“She’s buried with Grandma in Jadeborough. I wanted to bring them to R Province. But now, we can’t go back to R Province.”

The light turned green.

However, the elderly man was slowly hobbling across the zebra crossing.

The car behind punched their horns ceaselessly, but John did not start driving. Instead, he leaned back and closed his eyes.

The horn persisted. John burst out of the car and slammed the door ferociously. I was stunned by his reaction. When I realized what he was planning on doing, I scrambled after him.

He marched up to the car with the impatient driver and knocked on the window. The driver rolled down his window and snapped, “So what if you drive a Bentley? You…”

The driver shut his mouth after one murderous glare from John.

John pursed his lips, raised his eyebrow, and coldly stared down the man. “Get out!”

The man panicked slightly as he tried to make sense of the situation. He suppressed his anger and replied, “Is there something wrong with you?”

“I told you to get out!” John erupted as he wrenched the car door open and yanked the stout driver out of the vehicle.

The terrified man was scared stiff. He gazed at John’s handsome face in terror and started to plead for mercy.

After expressing some of his furies, John tossed a name card in the man’s face and barked gruffly, “Don’t honk your horn like a madman in the city center next time. Otherwise, you won’t get away with just a beating again.”

John returned to the car and started driving.

I sighed. “You didn’t have to be so… impulsive! Just let him scream for a bit. You only had to wait till the old man was across the road. You didn’t have to cause a scene.”

He pursed his lips but didn’t reply. It was clear that his bad mood stemmed from elsewhere.

“How did she die?”

I paused and turned to see him driving seriously. He seemed to have just posed the question in passing.

“She died while giving birth. The child survived, but she had lost too much blood.”

He knitted his brow. “Who’s the father?”

I pondered for a moment before responding. “Can I not say? She entrusted her child to me and she didn’t want the father to know about the child.”

“You got yourself into such a state in Jadeborough because of this?” he asked. We had arrived at the style company and he stopped the car.

I climbed out of the car and made a sound of acknowledgment. “Will there be many people at the banquet tonight?”

“Every notable person and journalist in K City will be there!” He gestured for me to go in and tossed the car keys into my bag.

I pursed my lips and muttered, “Where did you learn this? Who told you you could flippantly throw car keys into women’s bags?”

He shrugged. “Hannah told me that family and lovers can act in such an intimate manner.”


Hannah? The elegant woman I met in Jadeborough?

I did not think much about what he said and replied, “Does this mean that everyone in K City knows about the banquet?”

He nodded. “Everyone in the country knows about it!”

I grinned. “You’re the best!”

He found my smile odd and raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

I shrugged. “John, I’ve always thought of myself that let things go easily. After some time, I stop holding grudges. But I was wrong. I still want to ruin Cameron. I want her to kneel before me and beg for mercy for her and Rebecca.”

His eyebrow shot up and he looked troubled. “What do you plan on doing?”

“Do you remember the items that I told you to hold on to? I initially planned to rest my case because Rebecca had lost her child and was stabbed by me. Moreover, Cameron’s company is being investigated. They’ve lost quite a lot. However, I don’t think it’s enough. I want to expose all of Cameron’s dirty laundry to the Moore family. I want them to see how she’s actually a repulsive monster under that classy mask of hers.”

People shouldn’t be clouded by hate. Otherwise, there would be no room for kindness.

In a television show that I had watched when I was a child, the main character had been forgiving despite having gone through a genocide. It seemed ludicrous to me now. Only third parties watching from the outside said nonsense like ‘revenge begets revenge’.

I had never heard an actual victim utter such words.

Only the people watching from afar could say such things. It was because they had not experienced the pain for themselves.

Spectators were afforded the luxury of seeing everything in black and white. The advice they claimed to offer was often just salt in the victims’ wounds.

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