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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 327

After coming out of the prison, I looked up at the gloomy skies. It had been over a month since the sun last came out.

The weather had been cloudy all the while with occasional rain and snow. It was horrible.

However, after the new year, spring would arrive soon.

I glanced at my watch and realized it was time to meet Louis at the Irushean restaurant in the southern suburbs.

When I arrived, John was there. He was parking his car when he spotted me. Raising a brow, he remarked, “You’re early.”

I shrugged. “The same goes to you.”

His lips curved up into a smile. “Uncle Louis told me to come earlier to order the dishes so Mr. Bauman could enjoy dinner with us.”

Oh, I see.

We went upstairs and ordered the dishes before entering our private room.

The vintage-themed room was decorated elegantly. There was a wooden screen at the entrance.

As I was staring at the screen, John told me, “This Irushean restaurant is famous for its vintage decoration.”

I nodded in acknowledgment and took a seat. As I seemed disinterested, John asked, “What’s with Savini?”

Ah, right. I’ve nearly forgotten about that man. “Send someone reliable to Centurion Garden in J City to meet up with Savini’s wife. Tell her to come to K City to visit Savini with the stuff he left with her previously,” I told him.

John lifted his eyebrows in silent assent. “I thought he’s useless to you now? Why did you visit him in prison?”

I rest my chin in my hand, feeling slightly exhausted. “I want to ruin Cameron’s reputation.”

He scrunched up his brows and squinted. “Did Cameron come to you?”

My silence gave him the answer he wanted.

Sighing, he suddenly queried, “Letty, have you ever thought of finding your biological parents?”

His sudden question caught me off guard I thought about it and shook my head. “No. It has been years. They abandoned me in the first place, so that means I wasn’t important to them. Besides, Grandma brought me up. I only need to remember her.”

John pressed his lips together and tried to sound me out. “If you run into your biological parents one day, will you reunite with them?”

“No!” It was pointless to reunite with them. After all, all they wanted was to make up for their guilt for abandoning me back then. If they loved me, they wouldn’t have abandoned me in the first place.

He fell silent after that.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what Rebecca said that day. She wasn’t a threat to me, but since we had a fallout, it would be a good idea to put my guard up.

As I was staring into space blankly, he asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“John, do you know what my weakness is?”

If Rebecca wants to take action, she will target the ones around me. I can’t think of anything else.

His eyes grew wide as he replied, “Me, of course.”

I rolled my eyes in exasperation. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Normally, a person’s weakness would be someone or something he cares the most for,” said John with a shrug of resignation. “Think about what concerns you the most. It might be also the person’s reputation, position, or dream.”

Someone I care for?

I knew Rebecca wouldn’t be able to hurt Macy and Ashton, so she could only destroy my reputation.

She was capable enough of doing that.

When I was deep in thought, Louis and the Baumans showed up. As it was a casual dinner, we chatted amiably.

Both Anthony and Sophia seemed to have aged a lot after their daughter and grandson’s demise.

After exchanging pleasantries, we sat down and the server started serving dinner. Sophia took one look at me and said, “Scarlett, you’ve lost weight. You should eat more.”

I accepted her kind reminder gratefully. “Thank you. I will!”

Louis chuckled. “The new year is about to arrive. I’m wrapping things up at work, so the party can be held next week to celebrate Letty joining my family. You must come to the party next Monday.”

“Sure, we will!” Sophia agreed happily. “When she came to our house with Marc back then, I really liked you. I’m glad you became her godfather. Marc, well…”

Her voice started to waver at that point. Knowing that the mention of her grandson had upset her, Anthony patted her hand. “Alright. We need to move forward.”

The air was thick with sorrow. I rose to my feet and got on my knees in front of the Baumans and bowed respectfully.

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