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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 325

I noticed how calm she was. Slightly stunned, I returned, “So what do you want to discuss, Ms. Anderson?”

“Stop right here. I admit I was too reckless to kill your unborn child, but Rebecca had lost her child too. Karma got back to us. I’ve been busy dealing with the mess you’ve gotten me into. The Moore family is also making things difficult for me. That is my punishment. We’ll stop here and stay away from each other from now on. How does that sound?” she suggested calmly.

Her eyes narrowed as she waited for my reply.

I stared at her and pondered. What’s her weak spot? Rebecca and Zachary?

After a pause, I spoke slowly, “What if I refuse to stop? What do you plan to do, Ms. Anderson?”

She raised a brow and shot me a menacing look. “With my wealth and the Moore family’s influence, we can easily make you and Fuller Corporation disappear in K City.”

I nodded with a smirk. “Mm, you’re capable of doing that.”

She offered me a cordial grin and said, “So? If you stop now, we won’t have to be enemies.”

I nearly snickered out loud. Holding back my laughter, I stared at her. “Ms. Anderson, you’re experienced and magnanimous, seeing how you can forget things easily.”

After a pause, I continued, “But I can’t do that. I’m not as experienced as you. There’s no way I can laugh things off. The same nightmare plagued me over and over again about a baby crying in anguish and blood all over the ground.” I let out a bitter laugh. “Ms. Anderson, you have never heard a baby howling in despair, right? I have. I could even hear his pleas, asking me to save him.”

My laughter was mirthless. “Ms. Anderson, I couldn’t do anything as my child bled to his death. If you were in my shoes, can you move on? I don’t think so. This will be etched in my memory forever.”

Her face turned ashen as her lips pressed together tightly. After a long silence, she answered, “Well, since you’re not willing to settle our difference, let’s see who will end up being the winner.”

I tamped down my emotions and flashed a smile. “I look forward to that day.”

After I got off her car, I watched calmly as she drove away. Memories spilled forth, engulfing me as they spiraled rapidly out of control.

Indeed. I should attack her weak spot. There’s no need to spare her anyway.

I whipped out my phone and called John. He picked up swiftly.

“What’s wrong?” He sounded weary.

I paused briefly. “Are you sleeping?” I asked.

He grunted in acknowledgement. “Last night, I had to deal with something in A City and returned quite late.”

Nodding, I requested, “Please arrange for me to meet Savini Tuffin.”

He seemed stunned by my request. “Why? I thought he’s useless now?”

“Well,” I responded. “I need to talk to him about something. Can you help?”

“Sure. When do you want to see him?”

“Today, if possible.”

“Okay. Wait for my call.”

After cutting the line, I returned to the villa. Sally was having her breakfast in the kitchen.

At the sight of me, she stared daggers at me viciously.

I ignored her reaction and took the seat opposite her. “I need your help. Give me all the videos showing Cameron’s dirty deeds. I can ask Mr. Bauman’s help to cover up the White family’s scandal.”

Her hand paused midair at my sudden offer. She narrowed her gaze and demanded, “What do you mean?”

“Let’s partner up,” I offered. Mrs. Eriksen brought me breakfast, but I didn’t have any appetite. Nevertheless, I thanked her politely.

Sally was still in a daze. She put down her glass of milk and replied, “Sure. I have another condition, though. You need to persuade the Baumans to stay out of the White Corporation’s operation.”

“No problem!” I agreed without hesitation and promptly took out my phone to give Louis a call.

The call went through after a few rings. “Letty, have you had breakfast yet?”

“I have. Good morning, Uncle Louis. Are you free to meet up with me and John? You’ve been busy after returning from J City. Can we have dinner together?”

Louis roared in delight. “Do you need my help on something, huh? We can meet up for dinner tonight. There’s an Irushean restaurant in the southern suburbs. Let’s meet there tonight.”

Sally’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

I took one look at her and continued, “Uncle Louis, should we ask Mr. and Mrs. Bauman to join us? If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have crossed paths. We should treat them to dinner to show our gratitude!”

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